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All of you aviation enthusiasts listening know what the guard is.  So, those folks know where we’re going here.  The guard is a specific frequency that all aircraft and control towers should be monitoring constantly.

If someone out there is lost, or having an engine failure, or a panic attack, or some other in-flight emergency, they might send a mayday on that channel.  Other pilots or towers in the area will answer back on that channel with instructions or directions to get you back to smooth and level.

Or, if you’re already crashing and burning, they’ll know where to send the search and rescue people.

That’s what this show is  — a place where you can just tune in and know that you’re going to get help from the community.  Or, maybe you’ll be there to help out a fellow Citizen or Civilian.

This show is brought to you by the creative minds at Priority One Productions, using the secret-sauce formula that we’ve developed on our other podcast — Priority One.  If any of you want to get a feel for our style, check out a few of our episodes over there at www.priorityonepodcast.com.   Some of you might be joining us BECAUSE you listened to our coverage of Star Trek Online.   HI YOU GUYS!!!

Of course, Star Citizen is a very different game.  Naturally, the show will probably evolve in its own direction over time.  But if you guys know us from Priority One, you know we deliver a quality show like clockwork – and we want to do the same on Guard Frequency.

Like Priority One, it takes the constant effort of a team of people to do what we do so if you think you’ve got what it takes to join us then get in touch, either by emailing us at squawk@guardfrequency.com or by using the contact form at the top of the page.


Stay on the guard

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