Guard Frequency Livestream

Welcome to the Priority One Network live stream! Use the player above to control your experience, but if you wish to listen through the media player of your choice rather than keeping this page open, just point your player to http://priorityonenetwork:8000/live.mp3

You’ll notice that the live broadcasts aren’t quite as polished as our weekly downloads, and you may hear one or two words not quite suitable for PG-13 audiences.

Live Chat Room

You can also chat with us! Just pick a nickname and hit “Start” to join our live chat.


Music Thanks!
Special thanks to the following artists for allowing us to use their work on our station:
  • Ronald Jenkees
  • Nick Fitzgerald
  • Yuchen Tian
  • Fernando Pepe
  • Nick D.
  • Caden L Welborn


Stay on the guard

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