Nuggets for Nuggets

As you were, Pilots. I’m CMDR KineticImpulser from Guard Frequency Response, here with the essential tips to get you around the deep black and back home again. Careful attention to these concepts could be the difference between your future as a newbie-flavored meat popsicle or as 500 kilobits in the obituary network.

Today, I’m making available a list of past training sessions I gave for Elite Dangerous. We’ve noticed some of you rooks having issues with these…um, issues, so we’re distributing this training. When something is superseded by later developments, we’ve noted it in the description. Otherwise, tune in and listen up. Then, pick up your tinkertoys and change into your flight suits. Skids up in 10. See you in the deep black.

Guard Frequency community member-made RSS feed of the nuggets!

Basic AX Gameplay


Bounty Hunting


Explosive Weapons

Faction Ranks

Flight Configuration

Galaxy Map Features

Guardian Technology

Hull, Armor, Module Protection


Influencing Minor Factions


Kill Warrant Scanners

Kinetic Weapons



Planetary Approaches

Power Management

Shield Cell Banks

Ship Launched Fighters [NPC Pilots are now “rescuable”]

Station Evacuation Protocols -Dharma Mining Company

Subsystem Targeting

Surface Reconnaissance Vehicles [contains outdated hyperlink]

Third Party Datasites

Trading, Hauling, and Delivering

UI Update – Beyond Expansion


Stay on the guard

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