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Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 056, of Guard Frequency, the universe’s premier Star Citizen podcast recorded on 24th January 2015 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday 27th January 2015 at [Download this episode]

Lennon is absent again this week as he decided to show someone how real men take their coffee, so this week Tony and Geoff are joined by Jayce from our sister production Priority One! In this week’s Squawk Box, sorry to be repetitive but it’s more SpaceX stuff (next week we promise to do something different, like the Textron Scorpion or something). In CIG News we bring you everything that’s happening around the UEE including our weekly Crowd Funding Update, 10 For The Chairman episode 50, the launch of the Persistent Test Universe, the latest Arena Commander patch (1.0.1) and the VAT changes coming to the EU. In Nuggets for Nuggets we talk all about engines, and finally we tune into the Feedback Loop and let you join in on the conversation.

Topics Discussed

This Week’s Community Questions

  • Once CIG posts all the vids, What was your favorite reveal from Pax South?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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6 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 056 | Steal or No Steal”

  1. Dillek Avatar

    Great show! Love it, even if you are not the first during the week.

    TIME COMPRESSION! It has been stated that 2 hours of real time will be 1 day in the ‘verse. That will be the reason that we are able to travel so fast with .2c. I know, some people aren’t fans of time compression but… What if you lose your ship and Insurance tells you it will take 3 days to get it back? Would you wait 3 real days or six hours? Your call…

    Have a great week!

  2. Amontillado Avatar

    Fairly new listener here. Great podcast! 🙂

    I’m absolutely fine with the notion of thrusters, quantum drives, and jump drives. I don’t really see the need for mini jump points or the value in fretting over the actual speed of light or real distances of various celestial objects from one another.

    My favorite take away from the PAX South Townhalls? It may seem silly, but it’s the revelation that we will have some variance in body types for our characters. I was afraid it would be facial and clothing customization only. I’m very glad to learn that we can make some adjustments to the bodies as well.

    Now what would make me even happier is if these body masses were taken into consideration for things like equipment carrying, combat (hand to hand and ranged), and the dragging of wounded comrades.

    Thanks for your efforts GF crew!

    1. Justin Lowmaster Avatar

      I think we will pronounce your name right when we read this on the show … or I’ll have a cask of wine to show someone … down here … {;0)

      Thanks for the feedback! I tend to agree, as well.

  3. Knix Avatar

    I say keep both mini jump points and quantum drives, though why call them mini jump points? I’ve always thought that the game needs more jump points. More jump points for us to map is good. What’s to say that a jump point can’t lead to another location in the same system? I think jump points should have semi random destinations, with a higher probability for the destination to be close to the jump point. Jump points should tend to be “attracted” by gravity to increase the chance of them going someplace interesting. Shorter jumps should be easier to find and easier to map. This way you could have several short jumps within scanner range you could go to within a few minutes of travel at 0.2c without having to resort to time or space compression. A good scanner could also give you a rough estimate of the distance and direction a jump point will take you even at long range to give you an opportunity to steer your travels in roughly the direction you want to go.

  4. seannewboy Avatar

    Wonderful show everyone, trying hard to resist the urge to settle for the aurora lx package on sale right now.

  5. Ostron Avatar

    How about we just take it as read that you guys made a great show and I’ll stop mentioning it.

    Dillek beat me to it, but I wanted to reiterate his point: the time compression thing explains the .2c = 10 minutes across the solar system issue. I liked Chris’ description of the intrasystem travel mechanic.
    And I’m going there: I DON”T like the mini-jump point system idea. I think it would either create artificial choke points in systems that would severely limit the ability of an “explorer” profession to exist, or the entry range and pervasiveness of such jump points would have to be so expansive as to make the distinction between that and a BSG-esqe “insta jump drive” academic.

    I haven’t had a chance to watch all of them yet, but I liked the description of the mining mechanic; it’s more in-depth than anything we’ve seen or heard so far, and it very nicely illustrated how something like mining could be interesting and/or dangerous apart from “hey you’re under attack…and you happened to be mining!”

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