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Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 073, of Guard Frequency, the universe’s premier Star Citizen podcast recorded on 22nd May 2015 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, May 26th 2015 at [Download this episode]

Tony, Lennon and Geoff are here and in the hangar, desperately trying to figure out how to turn the water off after the leak. Still, we soldier on through the show! In this week’s Squawk Box, Tony suggests some fantastic new lore for CIG… unfortunately it has its basis in real- life. In CIG News we bring you everything that’s happening around the UEE including our weekly Crowd Funding Update, the MISC Reliant Concept Ship Sale, our favourite bits from Reverse the Verse episode 47 and, of course, our first impressions of the tweet from DiscoLando that lead to a 42Gb leak of CIG’s internal build of the game and assets. In Nuggets for Nuggets, Lennon and Geoff try to get through passport control, and finally we tune into the Feedback Loop and let you join in on the conversation.

Topics Discussed

This Week’s Community Questions

  • What’s your take on the data leak? In 100 words or less… Seriously, 100 words tops. That includes you, First Verse Problems.

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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6 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 073 | Leak Soup”

  1. Haiku_Knives Avatar

    There’s good and bad about the leak. On one hand, It’s more fuel for the Hype train seeing all these Vanduul and Capital+ sized UEE ships. On the other hand, they’re unfinished assets that are getting confused for finished ones by people on the fringe of or outside the community. The [SPOILER] drama on the subreddit has also been a big drawback.
    On the other hand, dat Dreadnought.

    1. Daigoji Avatar

      I for one am more excited, and valid concerns about the fringe. That said, I somewhat feel this shows they are further along with many things than they let on because it isn’t CR-level for prime time ready.

  2. Innigo Avatar

    Best Nuggets for nuggets yet. Keep up the good work guys.

    Cryengine probably aren’t too happy with CIG at the moment but these things happen. By the time we see episode 1 of Squadron 42 no one’s going to remember this little faux pas. And at 48Gb I know I want be going looking for it and I can say with some certainty Geoff won’t be either 😉

    1. Justin Lowmaster Avatar

      Thanks for the Nuggets feedback! Tony’s accent for the planet Lo was spot on!

  3. seannewboy Avatar

    Always happy to amusingly confuse people.

    Currently working on getting financial approval for reliant+mustang purchase, wish me luck.

    Wonderful show everyone. I had never heard of artisanal bureaucracy, sounds very new and fresh.

  4. Saoldian Avatar

    Absolutely hilarious Nuggets segment guys. Great show!

    Leak? What leak. If there was one, it obviously wouldn’t be shared by this amazing community who have pledged their hard earned dollars for a dream to come true. No one would ever want to damage CIG or spoil the surprises they have in store for us. No one thinks that someone taking what belongs to them, without permission, is right, why should anyone think it’s ok to do to CIG. That would be some twisted logic. Good thing this community is so good. A leak? No idea what you’re taking about.


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