Guard Frequency Episode 121 | Don’t Panic

Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 121, of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on Friday 20th May 2016 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, May 24th 2016 at [Download this episode]

Don’t panic.

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34 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 121 | Don’t Panic”

  1. Jim Brand Avatar
    Jim Brand

    Had to laugh Derek essentially just made himself look like the Moronic fool we all know he is.He’s not been a backer for awhile and under both KS and CIG’s original TOS which he touts as “holier than thou” CIG reserve the right to forcibly refund you and deny you future access to their content.

    Under those TOS Derek Smart is explicitly forbidden from owning any CIG/Star Citizen assets. He is not entitled to anything nor does CIG owe him anything.Contrary to the lies Derek souts he attacked both Chris Roberts and David Braben in 2012 calling them “digital dino’s “.

    Derek din’t back to see a “spiritual successor to Wing Commander” he back to try and worm his way into the company as he did Quest Online when that backfired he went on this all out attack stalking/Doxxing Sandi Gardiner and her kids along with multiple CIG employee’s, both directly and via his buddy “PressFart2Continue”..

  2. Zenoen Avatar

    There is some more comments and discussion about this latest episode happening here. While i don’t personally know if this interview was the best idea i can guarantee it defiantly got some discussion going on.

    Now to my main point I’m one of the late backers. I pulled up in beat-down ford torus and looked at this space sim building. My first thought is this isn’t my thing. Then the Escapist newspaper comes out and attacks the whole thing with no evidence to back it up. From copying glass door reviews to using shoddy one-sided attacks on the people there. I then took a greater interest in the project found out about the FPS side of things and was like i guess i can get into this. Started hearing about the statements from Derick Smart and this whole CIG is going to crash and burn you just watch at the end of the month … i mean at the end of 2015… i mean there out of money they are firing employees left and right. meanwhile their opening new positions everyday and there still hiring more people.

    Then there was the whole doxing that happened hold on a moment I’m not stalking I’m just realizing their public information where people live and personal information is really just so 2004 in 2015 and beyond we don’t need that protected. But his hate tweets where he goes on and on are really just another form of harassment and really cemented my opinions of him as a person and as a human.

    We are not perfect, Everyone has their own problems, Criss Roberts has made mistakes; But come this 2017 if i have to choose who to believe in between Derick and Criss I’m going to back Criss Roberts. and that’s not even taking into to consideration the quality of the games Derick made. The second worst game i have ever seen. The only one that i might consider worse is the one from Digital Homicide.

    We live in a world where what people say and do matters. when they make a compelling argument and can talk very diplomatically that’s great but then when his actions led to this regardless of what he says here i can’t help but find him wanting. Worse yet he doesn’t care about those around him and he tries to silence criticism and bans those who have legitimate questions about his games.

    I Now own an Avenger Titan, an aura Package, and a Merlin… I purchased an Aura package for my Brother and even though space sims art our favorite games we will play this. if it comes out in a half-finished status it would still be worth what we paid for … the Dream of an amazing game and really i could use another “Escape Velocity” this time it will be co-op and be a FPS as well.

  3. Rentaspoon Avatar

    Trying not to spoil “spoilers”.
    I understand why you did that but a little warning would be nice, I had to deal with 2 nasty customers and thought I’d put on Guard Freq to relax, don’t worry I’ve had a cuddle with my therapy dog and feel better now.

    When it comes to SQ42 we’ve seen most of what its going to be like with what we have now, what we don’t have is the story which would ruin it for me, right now it’s the demo house with magnolia walls lacking the finishing touches if you ask me.

    On a side note to the NDA, one of the reasons they had 100 people was to focus testing, which is what I’ve been waiting for in every PTU I’ve been in, why can’t we have Devs “gold ticket” bugs to look for, in the issue council so we have a little guidance as to speeding up things.

    Anyway back off to the PTU for some bugsmashing.

  4. zeoen Avatar

    thought the website part was adding link to top of post it instead added it to my profile….
    Either way There is some more comments and discussion about this latest episode happening here

    p.s also a correction for spelling but there isn’t a edit button i can see so i will juts add it under here

    and even though space sims “art” our favorite games (should be are not)

    More then welcome to delete this post if you add those corrections for my previous post. Thank you !

    1. Justin Lowmaster Avatar

      I’ll combine anything I need to in show feedback! Thanks!

  5. MrEightEx Avatar

    Hey, just a heads up. I use Podcast Addict on Android and it won’t download this episode for some reason, just the info.

    1. Justin Lowmaster Avatar

      We had some rss issues we haven’t been able to resolve yet. Might be related? I’ll make sure Lennon knows.

      1. MrEightEx Avatar

        Awesome, I tend to listen on my commute.

      2. CeleBear Avatar

        Same issue, I use doggcatcher (android podcast app) and while the episode shows up with show notes, no option to download (unlike previous 120 episodes 🙂

        Keep up the amazing work all!

  6. Tarka Avatar

    Damn this one is long. Thanks for this guys. I think you guys conducted yourselves extremely well given the circumstances.

    After listening to the interview, a few things occur to me:

    Derek has a skewed perspective on what Star Citizen was originally.

    On several occasions Derek contradicted himself (saying one thing in the interview, and saying contradictory things elsewhere).

    Derek mentions “honesty” and “accountability”, he wants creators to show backers how they intend to “hold up their end of the bargain”. And yet, one could argue that CIG have been doing that. The shows and the documents have been doing that.

    He says that “no one is asking for the building plans” and yet, Derek has been demanding to see the “financial books” (and other things, including CR’s resignation) in the past.

    In conclusion, it seems to me that without any real evidence, Dereks’ entire campaign against CIG is that in his opinion, he doesn’t think that CIG can pull it off (he’s indicated this in his blogs). And based on that opinion, he thinks that everything that CIG are saying they want to make is a “red flag”. And yet, there is no indication right now that CIG won’t succeed in hitting their goals.

    Meanwhile, he admits in this interview that he doesn’t know if CIG will succeed or fail.

    This is why I find it a little rich that Derek talks about honesty.

  7. Psilo Avatar

    If you see Mr. Smart again make him unblock me on Twitter. @kyleslefthand That dude is so sensitive!

  8. Bennu Avatar

    At first it was, Awww… the feed must be messed up or something…

    Then I came here and it was, Ewww, why would I want to listen to a Derek Smart interview?

    Now I may have to unsubscribe to avoid a nasty road-rage incident when the feed gets sorted.

  9. seannewboy Avatar

    Interesting show everyone, thanks to Derek for joining the show.

    Me personally my whole interest in SQ42 was just hoping that it lead to a follow up to privateer, I will play sq42, but just as occasional thing. I really really want a persistent universe game.

    As for the interview, he cleans up well, so to speak. People have already commented my feelings on what he had to say.

  10. halan Avatar

    GF, thanks for producing this episode. I applaud the crew for getting the guest, selecting the questions and interview flow. You’ve shown your bona fides as an valuable information source

  11. Sao Saoldian Avatar
    Sao Saoldian

    Great show guys! It was good that you gave Mr. Smart an opportunity to give his view. I disagree with him that CIG has not produced anything that proves they are working on the project I backed. I think some forget about SQ42 and that to show the WIP of that game, would be a source of potential spoilers. I think that most of CIG’s human capital is focused on SQ42 and the PU, a stretch goal btw, is of lesser importance for now; although it is the most public facing.

    I also think that the definition of “open development” is different for many. I personally disagree with Geoff’s definition. They are still a company that has to abide by laws that protect individuals and IPs. They are literally making up “open development” on this scale as they go. Could it have been done better? Perhaps, but please keep in mind that, in order to save money, CIG has not hired a marketing or PR department on the scale of most dev studios.

    I respect everyone’s opinion on how CIG is making these games, including Mr. Smart’s, but I think it’s premature to pass judgement on whether their methods have been correct. We can and should make suggestions for improvement, which many rightfully do, but to say they are wrong, without internal knowledge of how they are doing business, is arrogant of us.

    Lastly, my confidence in this project is largely in the fact that 300+ people, including A-list actors, have placed their names, reputations and future opportunities on the line for this project. These are ambitious people who are smart, talented and savvy. They are there working hard on something that seams wonderful in the gaming world. That is frankly enough for my $45 (minimum amount required) to be considered well donated.

    1. Sao Saoldian Avatar
      Sao Saoldian

      I need to add something here about GF specifically. After sleeping on it, I came to realize that this episode represents a couple of things. First GF is no longer a Star Citizen fan podcast, that you have validated Mr. Smart’s comments, that you have changed your view of his methods, and that this attempt to be fair to a dissenting voice has betrayed a large majority of your listening base. In fact, it seems to me that Tony is now in the Smart camp based on his questions and his consistent criticism of CIG over the past several episodes. I tried to be kind in my comments above but the more I think about it, the more angry I get. It frankly hurts a little and I feel a little betrayed. As a long time listener, and truly a GF “fan”, I come week on week to listen to news and comments on SC, not a CIG bashing event. Being critical of CIG is one thing, but how about some positive comments too? In the tone of your CIG segments, it has been coming through clear over the past few months that GF is no longer fans of SC and you do SC news out if obligation to your fan base. Now I understand the motivation for the format change. If I am wrong, you have a very strange way of communicating it.

      1. Tom Avatar

        I completely agree with your comment. I will continue to come back and see if GF has changed. But I rarely listen anymore.
        I was proud of the letter that was sent to DS last year asking him why he was trying to ruin what people enjoyed? But I have wondered the past few months if GF has changed to the wolf in sheep’s clothing? That is harsh, but the thought has crossed my mind.

        Unless this was the most methodical long term plan to change the format and lure DS to GF. And next episode we see the joke unveiled.

        Good luck GF. Untill we meet again.

        1. Jules Avatar

          I have to agree that this was a mistake. I understand what you are trying to do here (create a dialogue) but that only works if both parties are capable of rational thought. DS has shown time and time again that his only interest in this project is to gain personal attention, since he is not capable of doing so with his own games. So why go and give him a platform from which spew his hateful rhetoric? This goes beyond “feeding the troll.” You just gave this one a feast!

  12. Amontillado Avatar

    Since you asked. I’m not happy with this week’s episode.

    Guard Frequency has in past recognized that Derek Smart has an interest in injecting himself into the Star Citizen project / community, seeking relevance in the effort and which causes more harm than good.

    Guard Frequency has stated that they would curtail discussions of Derek Smart until/ if, he actually took verifiable action on his numerous threats to the project. GF has gone so far as to avoid the further publicizing of his name by referring to him as “He Who Shall Not Be Named”.

    When did all that change? What happened to the open letter you sent to Derek asking him to stop, to which he responded “Now, fuck off.” ?

    You not only devoted a show to him, but gave him the platform of Guard Frequency with which to further inject himself into community. To what end? Why?

    It wasn’t for a chance to ask him hard questions. It wasn’t to see how he squares his accusations against Star Citizen with his own project. A project, mind you, that Guard Frequency has NOT covered despite it being in the applicable genre. It wasn’t to challenge him on his assertions and manner that seem tailored more to harm the project than to help it such as referring to this show and other backers as the “Church of Chris Roberts”?

    Instead this interview seemed to simply accept his self declared expertise and it’s relevance to a project that he is not a part of. If Derek was going to appear on the Guard Frequency, the interview should have been about his own game, a project that Derek Smart IS relevant to. Otherwise it just serves to bring more attention to him, and that’s not worth the added attention GF might receive.

    I’m disappointed.

    1. Matt Avatar

      Unfortunately agreed, many opportunity’s to challenge incomplete theory missed. Many assertions and analogy’s that are easily argued against just let slip or even agreed with. You used a house analogy but when I check out the house TODAY I see much of the structure there already. 64bit is done and has been for a while, something he brought up as a sign its not going to happen? you can already fly around in a 64bit world space.

      Persistence has just been launched, much of the tech bones of the house are in place – with every project that tech to make the game work is always what takes the time.

      The tone came across understanding of his insane and obvious trolling and frankly…absurd arguments. Sure he shouts them loud but if you follow this game and think for a moment.

      Also I will assert again the kick-starters finish was 3.5 years ago. That was the beginning of the development and nothing earlier. November 2012.

      We are all investing for it to become a AAA game, that takes time, and is a change in scale the company and most of us back thoroughly.

      If a few people want to take them to task on technicality’s and say we should have had a worse game quicker. Id say they don’t have the same dream this whole campaign has been built on and therefore,, not the best interest of the community and game at heart.

      Also you must know he admits its a personal crusade by him after some perceived slight – his opinion is not impartial and neither is his reasoning.

  13. vr4nagel Avatar

    I am extremely disappointing in this episode. I started listening to this podcast when Derek Smarts tirades seeped into the community. I enjoyed the shows centrist nature to both the project and everything surrounding it. I was even happier when they decided on the format change at the beginning of the year. To me the name Guard Frequency was about the greater community and its concerns and hopes for the genre. Which is ultimately why i am disappointed in this episode.

    With this episode you have given Derek Smart what he wants, attention. Attention that you yourselves had stated that you would not give because, the best thing to do with trolls is to ignore them. You have validated everything he has done in the course of his “war”. All his insults, doxxing, threats. It was all done so he could insert himself into the Star Citizen narrative. I expected that you would have been the last to allow that to happen, unfortunately i was wrong.

  14. Bas Avatar

    I think the discussion was good. I see so many salty/butthurt people in the comment section here. You guys are the type that downvote all kind of criticism to Star Citizen on Reddit just because it is negative. It is VERY good for the project that someone asks difficult questions. You can’t say that Derek has had 0 good points since he started, because he has plenty. Bringing Derek to the show was one of the best decision they could have made.

    If Star Citizen does fail, you lot here can blame yourselves for not daring to ask the questions that Derek did. It takes a special kind of guy to do what he did, and I’d rather have someone ask those questions than none at all. That’s what you guys can’t understand.

    1. Matt Avatar

      Hmm not sure that is what’s going on tbf mate. I think plenty of people are asking hard questions and managing the project at cig, people doing it whole heartedly and with some expertise and tack record.

      DS input is based on a personal vendetta, after a perceived personal slight, his methods are also abusive and aggressive and never constructive he wants to “burn it all down” and admits he just wants to troll them. This is not “asking the hard questions” and its not constructive or helpful to any project.

      Hard questions and management are part of any project and you can see that in the multitude of shows, blogs, adjustments to this project that go on.

      Nothing wrong with constructive feedback.

    2. David DeCosta Avatar
      David DeCosta

      I don’t disagree with you Bas, casting a critical eye is a good thing. It’s not that he doesn’t have good points, but you cannot say he’s not operating without an agenda.

      Also, when the person casting the criticism has not released a single playable game, is notorious for banning people on his forums at the drop of a hat, is known for being a troll just to “watch the world burn” (paraphrasing), its very hard to take what he says at face value.

      His assertion is basically, “I tried to do that before and it didn’t work. If I can’t do it, it can’t be done”.

      As for your last paragraph, you need to be more specific about what you term as “Fail”. I have less and less doubt that the game will be made (both SQ42 and SC). The million dollar question is “HOW GOOD WILL IT BE”? Does it have to be a 9.5/10 to not fail?

      Again, I hate to be a hater, but I’ve looked at his latest game. To say its a horrific mess is the understatement of the year. It’s like a washed up Division III College Football player sitting there passing judgement on pro-football players. He’s no longer in the same league and he makes his displeasure known.

      When a dev goes after another game, that’s business. When a guy goes after someone’s wife and kid………that’s bullshit.

      Put up or shut up. That’s my call out to Mr. Smart.

  15. Rellim Avatar

    Hey nice episode. just a question, was the interview recorded on teamspeak or something similar? seems like the voice activation detection is screwing up the start of sentences quite alot of times.

    I like the professionalism how you did the interview. well done.

    Also i left you a message on twitter (as @starcitizenbase)

  16. Theron Shan (David DeCosta) Avatar
    Theron Shan (David DeCosta)

    I applaud you guys for tackling a sticky subject with professionalism. Great show. However I have a few points of contention.

    Let’s use the construction analogy that you guys chose during the podcast. Please note: I am neither a game developer or a general contractor/construction project manager. But lets say Tony, you Mr. Smart, Jeff and Lennon give me $114 million dollars to build a building. My initial promise was for a 5 story building and I only asked for $20 million. But through great grassroots marketing I raised $114 million. IIRC, CIG asked the community if they should continue to do crowdfunding (once the initial CF goal was achieved and they would expand the scope of the game. To my knowledge (please correct me if I am wrong as this was before my time), the community overwhelmingly (taken from the pool of those who answered) voted to continue crowdfunding.

    So now you have $114 million dollars and growing with which to make the game. So as to be clear, stretch goals ceased to be a thing at the $65 million dollar mark, $59 million dollars in the rear-view mirror.

    Back to the building analogy. In construction, you cannot simply decide to “add” on floors to a 5 story building after its done to make a 50 to 100 story building later. It just doesn’t work that way. For starters, the site you chose was chosen for a reason. Geologically the ground is stable enough to support a 5-story building, but could never support a 100 story building (this is the game engine) If you wanted a bigger building you might have to find another site all together. Furthermore, the foundation and pilings necessary to stabilize the structure (This is the game code) are going to be markedly different for a 5-story building versus a 100-story building. So lets talk about wiring, plumbing, fire suppression, ADA access, etc. The rules for that for a low-rise building are COMPLETELY different that what it would be for a high-rise building. Again, these are things you need to try to do right off the bat, not two-to-three years after you’ve started building the game (building)

    My point is that it’s not as simple as just “tacking on” extra floors to the 5 story building once its done. We have seen this first hand in the gaming industry, when a developer has “tacked on” a feature that should have simply been supported from the beginning. The result? A hot bag of garbage from a game-play and stability standpoint usually.

    Has CIG done it 100% correct? No not at all. They’ve made grievous mistakes. But I find it disingenuous not so much that they are being held to task but that the bar/burden of proof seems to be so much higher for CIG than it would be for other developers. Plenty of games get scrapped or redesigned from the ground up at a whim (LucasArts anyone)

    Let’s talk about your guest. While it was good to hear his insight on several things and while I will readily admit he is an intelligent well spoken individual with more computer industry knowledge than I’ll ever have, I feel he was also being somewhat hypocritical.

    Half of the things he was saying “were no big deal”, and “these things happen in development all the time and its part of how this works” etc (I’m paraphrasing his comments) are EXACTLY the things he sits and crucifies CIG for in his blog or on twitter. For instance, He rant’s about the choice of game engine. Should they have used Unreal or made their own engine? Both of those would have been rather disastrous according to other people in the know (there was a post on reddit to this effect). Basically making your own engine takes a really long time as now NO ONE is familiar with how your engine works or is an expert at fixing bugs in the code, etc. It’s not as easy as he makes it sound. Unreal would have suffered the same limitations as CryEngine WITHOUT the (albeit lucky) benefit of landing nearly the entire Cry-Engine dev team to help sort all of that mess out. Never mind Unreal 4 wasn’t even a thing when CIG started out and Unreal 3 is a more stylized engine from a visual standpoint (not what CR wanted)

    Another example, he kind of danced around the difference between crowdfunding and early access. I’m going to have to throw the BS flag for a 10 yard penalty and loss of down. Have any of you bothered to go to his forums and read the LITERAL “drek” he says to people on his forums? Never mind he’ll ban you for not saying God Bless You when he sneezes (Dogma reference). What difference is there whether I’ve backed a $114 million dollar crowdfunded game to the tune of $39.99 or paid $39.99 for Line of Defense on Steam? I expect both to get finished. I have just as much of a right to a product from a small indie developer as I do from a $114 million dollar juggernaut. It’s not like Line of Defense is a demo that we used to get on those DVDs from PCGamer/Computer World Magazine for free.

    This quote is from Mr. Smart from his LOD forums on Steam. This is in response to a person who asked on 11/6/2015: “I saw a video online that said this was releasing in Summer 2012. Is there a projected date when will the final game be released?”

    Mr. Smart’s direct quote on 1/28/2016: “It’s Early Access, I don’t owe you a release date.”

    What the ever-loving HELL?

    You don’t owe your customers a release date? If CR said something like that, the internet would break. But he gets a free pass.

    Please feel free to peruse at your leisure. That forum is FULL of his gems.

    My point is 2012 is when Mr. Smart promised a game. Mid-2016 has arrived and he’s only incrementally closer to a game than he was in 2012. Shouldn’t we be able to see his books or a discreet timeline for when the game will be done? Furthermore, He claims he doesn’t have to give a release date for a game I PAID GOOD MONEY FOR, but he has the time (and by time, I mean he dedicates hours a day) to shit post about other game developers? Look at his game (YouTube). Really?……REALLY?!!??. Make a game that sells more than 10,000 copies and MAYBE I’ll listen to what you have to say.

    Tony, you held him up a pivotal figure of sorts in the gaming industry. Why? He’s not had ONE SINGLE COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL GAME. NOT ONE. That’s not conjecture, that’s a fact. It would be like me introducing you as a preeminent attorney who has tried over 500 criminal/civil law cases to sit and pass judgement on the nominee for the Supreme Court (OK a bit of hyperbole). Sounds impressive right? Until I do some research and find out that you’ve not won a SINGLE CASE. Why would I listen to you? What do you have to teach me?

    He’s less of a junkyard dog and more of a chihuahua. Long on bark and short on courage. He can dish out the smack talk, but he’s quick to ban someone when they start slapping him around. Same with his Twitter feed, you never get to see the stuff people write in response, but he’s quick to smack talk the crap out of people

    I don’t mind you having him on, but at least hold HIM accountable for the stupid crap he pulls in his games and on his forums. You just basically gave him a free pass and a soapbox. I expected more……..

  17. David DeCosta Avatar
    David DeCosta

    Ok here’s a case in point. DS’s game is to put it lightly, a hot mess. SEVEN years in, 1/10th the scale of SC and not done. Not even close. Show me what CR is doing. Besides taking a much needed and well earned birthday vacation, he works NON-STOP on the game. No tweets, no Facebook Posts, No Blogs about this developer or that developer or how their game is worse than SC or will never get made.

    This is how Derek Smart spends his days. Not working on the game people paid money for…….

    Days upon days and paragraphs upon paragraphs. I’m not going to lie, as a former psychology major, this man’s interest in CR/CIG/SC borders on clinical obsession. I’m talking a nearly unhealthy obsession.

    You may see what you were doing as getting a balanced view of an opposing argument. I see it as enabling a sociopath.

    1. Justin Lowmaster Avatar

      FWIW, if I recall, DS considers it less years, since the overhaul/redo/restart of the game engine counts as a mulligan. (my own words)

      1. David DeCosta Avatar
        David DeCosta

        Well myself and the rest of Gregorian calendar using world would consider that a delay. You don’t get a reset because you decided to scrap the work you were doing previously. The game is either cancelled, delayed or on schedule.

        I think the technical term for that in computer development circles is “No Take Backsies”

  18. Cyberwolf74 Avatar

    Damn…you gave the “Donald Trump” of space Sims a Microphone and soapbox..not your best idea open minded critic is fine but a hate spewing self proclaimed internet warlord may have not been the best interview. DS smarts comments and thoughts are out there for anyone to read up on if they can stomach it. He doesn’t need another place to spew his nonsense.

  19. Tabascoid Avatar

    I didn’t know what to expect when I first read about the interview you guys made in episode 121. Now that I’ve had the time to listen to it I’m still not sure what I’ve listened to. Usually I try my very best to stay away from all the drama stuff but as a long time listener to Guard Frequency I think I owe you some feedback on this one.

    Sorry. It was boring. Over 90 minutes of voice recording between two dudes (Tony and this dude) chatting about architecture, interior design and sanitary fittings. No depth, no serious questions, no fact checking on the claims. Talking as an editor… well, better luck next time.

    But I think I understand what you guys tried, deescalating is a good intention but I doubt this will work. There is a very fine line between talking about drama and amplifying the drama, please don’t be an amplifier.
    Guys, you all backed digital art and a possible milestone in game development. Art can’t be pushed. Relax.
    (If you are already consider yourselves relaxed, try to be more relaxed.)

  20. Brian Avatar

    Are you sure that was actually DS. The voice was correct but he was calm and reasonably articulate. I don’t know if he is on meds now or what but that is not the same DS that was in all the gaming media those months ago.

    I still think his fundamental premise that they can’t possible be much further along in things we haven’t seen suspect after seeing how fast the procedural planet tech had a demo.

    He is still a troll in my books because of the nature of the public personal attacks he has launched in the past, but if this is a sign of things to come he might almost start to become credible in a few more years.

    1. Jim Brand Avatar
      Jim Brand

      On the contrary he’s still at is constantly this is just a facade he puts on during the rare time anybody gives him a soapbox outside of his Blockisphere called Twitter.

  21. Theron Shan (David DeCosta) Avatar
    Theron Shan (David DeCosta)

    Thank you for using my response in the follow-up. Although you misconstrued my point. If DS had a 50% success rating or even a 5% success rating (as per your follow-up to my legal example) I would be at least receptive to what he has to say. But he doesn’t his games are grand in vision and short on play-ability. If he had a single game, that someone said “THIS, is a great game (even a good game)” I could understand. but sorry, your law school follow-up for me just kind of fell short of the mark. P.S. Glad I could get your attention with that. 🙂

    I wish you guys had just asked him about Algonon (which has its own issues) or how LoD gets a “free pass” but SC demands FTC investigation.

    He’s lucky there is no equivalent of disbarment in the video game industry. If there was I think he might be doing something different with his time. There’s no real need to go over this on-air, this was just me replying to your gracious comment.

    However, there is another topic I wanted to broach with you fine folks. On several occasions, I’ve heard GF make references to CIG in general and CR specifically being unable to “let the baby go” and get things done. That there is no one able to reign in CR’s maniacal lust for greatness and all those that challenge him are summarily dismissed. You’ve made mention about Erin Roberts as unable or unwilling to do so and that you see it (IIRC) as one of the major hurdles to the game being completed.

    While I can see your side of the story, I feel that you are either willfully or inadvertently ignoring several factors (more the latter than the former).

    Erin Roberts – Head of Global Development. As CR’s brother, he more than almost anyone else save one, is in a position to simply speak his mind. This isn’t a 21 year old that “idolizes” his brother and looks to one day “be just like him”. Erin had been the Studio Director of Tt Fusion Ltd for years making most of the Lego Games. So he’s no slouch and is SUPER successful in his own right

    Tony Zurovec – Head of PU Development and Austin Studio: Seems like a no-nonsense guy (obviously I cannot vouch for him or anyone else this is just my anecdotal observations of these various people) and is a seasoned developer in his own right.

    Brian Chambers – Head of Foundry 42 Frankfurt: This guy just exudes awesomeness. Yes he works for CR but he does not look like for one second he’s afraid to say “This will not work, at least not in the time frame you want/need it in”

    Sean Tracy – Head of Technical Development (?): One of the guys that wrote CryEngine. Something tells me CR listens when Tracy says something about CryEngine.

    Lastly Ortwin Freyermuth – Co-Chairman of Cloud Imperium Games: Lets say that all of the above people are unable or unwilling to “control” Chris Roberts and his vision. Ortwin, (his bio found here: doesn’t seem like a guy that just lets people push him around. As the Co-Chairman of CIG and a business partner of CR’s for years as well as a succesful attorney (Tony you can check his ‘bona fides”) and businessman in his own right, I don’t think he is a “roll over and show your belly kind of guy” but that’s just me. Something tells me that if he was concerned about “feature/scope creep” or Chris unable to let go, then he would just speak up and make sure crap got done. I’m pretty sure he’s 100% aware of what is going on at CIG and is comfortable with its progress. I’m no attorney, but I would imagine one thing you guys hate more than losing (in business) is getting sued AND losing.

    My bottom line, GF has on numerous occasions made it seem as if its CR sitting like Odin on his throne overlooking Asgard with the rest of his minions working hard but ultimately at his beck and call. Yes, while this is a corporation and SOMEONE has to be the leader, I firmly believe that there are a solid cadre of people within the inner echelons of CIG to keep the project on track. I think it may be time to re-assess your view point on this topic. But that’s just my 0.02 UEC

    Thanks as always for being there for the community, even if I don’t always like what you have to say.

    aka Notoriousdyd
    aka David York DeCosta

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