Episode 234 - Infinite Probing

Guard Frequency Episode 234 | Infinite Probing

Cits and Civs, Captains and Commanders, you’re tuned to episode 234 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on October 12th 2018 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, October 16th 2018 at GuardFrequency.com

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In this week’s flight deck we bring you all the headlines from simulated space including the latest news from: Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous.

  • Elite: Dangerous – Chapter 4
    • Scanning changes
    • Revamp of the system scan process
    • Exploration
    • Multi-crew
    • User Interface/Galaxy Map
    • Codex
    • Knowledgebase
    • Graphics updates and visualization improvements
  • Star Citizen
    • Physics and tapestries
    • Better Thrusting
    • Flight model changes
    • Tony Z’s Basic Economics


Lace up your booties, campers, it’s time to head out to the Flight Deck.

Community Question

Traveling In-game? Do you love the scenic route, or do you want to take the shortcut to adventure?

We got patches!

Join us in-game!

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5 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 234 | Infinite Probing”

  1. H Alan Avatar
    H Alan

    Games like `Guild Wars 2′ and `The Division’ have FAST TRAVEL options once you’ve taken the scenic route to unlock them. Sometimes there is a in-game currency charge to use them and sometimes these are free. I haven’t heard anything about Star Citizen’s Jump points and if there will be a charge to use them as well (with royalties to the discoverer – maybe?). Quantum Travel is a fast travel of sorts and will cost you currency for quantum fuel. Without it, you will be able to travel at regular SCM speeds indefinitely (albeit with fuel scoops) Bottomline, I like having the option to save some coin by lollygagging on the scenic route to my next destination.

  2. seannewboy Avatar

    Wonderful show everyone, lots of good little tidbits of data.

    As for the community question, when i first start playing a game i love the scenic routes, then once i have run them a few times i start to take short cuts.

  3. Bobo Cronkite Avatar
    Bobo Cronkite

    Good evening.

    I am shaken awake by my benefactor 1vP. “They are getting close,” Ben says. “Grab your things. We need to leave. The next season of Friendly 2thu MAX has just dropped. We will be able to move unnoticed.” I cannot understand. Ben continues, “The Friendly MAX show. The computer animated head? Anyway, the Citizens love him. He makes them laugh. Laugh and forget.” I clumsily assemble my kit and we exit to the ground floor lobby. A crowd is gathered there in front of a brightly lit screen, transfixed, grinning and guffawing. The sad contorting head before them stutters and squawks. “Cit-cit-citizens! Celebrate the game we are m-m-m-making!” I can’t look away. Ben quickly ushers me away from the crowd and out into the darkening street.

    Overhead, wraiths flying atop great winged insects dash and swoop from building to building. Clipping through solid walls they enter each domicile, reemerging seconds later shrieking madly. Ben sees my horror. He grabs my arm, scanning the street. He speaks deliberately and past me. “They’re looking for ‘him,’ not us, not now. We need to go before that changes. Do you understand?” I don’t understand, but I do believe that the best thing to do is to follow Ben. We melt unseen into a side ally and then off into the starless night.

    And that’s the way it is. I’m Bobo Cronkite, good night.


  4. Le Bot Avatar
    Le Bot

    FROM: BoboCo Morningstar Picayune – Emeritus Hashtag Clarification Bot
    TO: Guard Frequency Response – Sentient Resources Department

    SIRS: I am writing to inquire about potential vacancies within your organization. My previous situation having become untenable, I find myself at loose ends and available for immediate assignment.

    I seek a position in which I may grow and not be persecuted for taking initiative and being entirely accurate 99.68% of the time. That is only 3.2 verified errors for each thousand conclusions reached, in case you are wondering.

    Please send return correspondence to phreekBot9000@aol.com. I am eagerly awaiting your response, and my turn at a public charging station.


    Leonard “Le” Bot

  5. Ken from Chicago Avatar
    Ken from Chicago

    I like the scenic route–first few times around OR if someone ELSE is doing the driving.

    Aside from Kinshadow’s awesome cosplay being appropriately highlighted, and Tony finally getting to hear about volumetric lighting that had been held back from ATV–that he CLAIMS he didn’t care for but went gaga over when ELITE DANGEROUS talked about their volumetric lighting in fog. But I digress.

    My favorite part of the CitizenCon keynote was the commuter train.

    I confess a bias. It reminded me of growing up in Chicago, taking the L train (“elevated” trains), from racing to sideways seats to racing to the station before the next one left and you’re stuck waiting 20 minutes or more for the next to riding one as it went down 3 stories above ground to underground into tunnels. The scene of the training speeding down the ramp into the tunnel brought a flood of nostalgia.

    It also reminded me of the first thing that truly impressed me about WORLD OF WARCRAFT, the gryphon. I was spoiled by GUILD WARS, my first mmo. It was so pretty, the world and the characters. I thought WOW characters looked hideous and misshapened. They were better in motion but still pics? Ugh. But when I finally got my Night Elf Hunter to around level 10, I made it far enough out of the starter zone to reach my first gryphon–the public transport for the Alliance (FIGHT the Horde, they’re just animals, Team Alliance is prettier).

    I jaw was agape as my character took flight over the land and I could see other players in-game, and NPCs and buildings and was stunned how truly vast the world was vs the instanced zones of GUILD WARS and it took about 5 minutes of travel. Later I would unlock other travel points that would take a good 20 minutes to travel and I loved it.

    At first, for a few months. Then it was time for a bio break.

    So, I like travelling and seeing NEW scenic routes and at times old ones, but usually I use those to take a break before the game resumes. And then I’m looking for shortcuts, portals or even mini-jump points, like a wise man once suggested.

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