Guard Frequency Episode 096 | Anomalous Thrust Signals

Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 096, of Guard Frequency, the universe’s premier Star Citizen podcast recorded on 6th November 2015 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, November 10th 2015 at [Download this episode]

Tony, Lennon and Geoff enter the hangar once more to discuss all things Star Citizen. In this week’s Squawk Box, we check in on a lot of our favourite projects we’ve reported on throughout the year. In CIG News we bring you everything that’s happening around the UEE including our weekly Crowd Funding Update, 10 for the writers episode 6, Around the Verse season 2 episode 6 and the latest news from the Monthly Report (with a hint of the Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Update thrown in for good measure). In Nuggets for Nuggets we tune in to UESC for a bit of retail therapy, and finally we tune into the Feedback Loop and let you join in on the conversation.

Topics Discussed

Hazard Index: Rhomboid

Another month, another blog from he who told us to F off.  This time, he’s widening his scope a bit, to tackle some not-quite-optimum alleged behavior of Star Citizen backers.  Seriously guys, here’s some advice from your old uncle Tony – if the angry litigious rich guy who spends more time on Twitter than his early access game tells you to F off, just F off, it’s absolutely NOT worth it.

Also, I was right last week, he’s waiting for the clock to run out on the November 2015 deadline.  If he gets a full accounting, a commitment to refund backers and a solid release date, he SWEARS he’ll back off.  Two problems: one, his criteria for satisfaction uniquely his own… and who knows what will make him give up this particular hobby.  And two, if he’s right about even 10% of his accusations, it might not matter if he drops his suit.

Anyway, he wraps up with a neat little bit about how CIG’s management is loaded down with refugees from a failed, bankrupt allegedly Swedish mafia tied outfit called Gizmondo – and ONCE AGAIN, there’s just enough facts out there to show he’s not completely wrong.  BUT, we only get part of his side of the story – and none of CIGs.  Yes, a guy named Elms was a former director of Foundry 42, but he resigned over a year ago.  Yes CIG has a weird and opaque corporate structure – but part of that is the fault of the state of Delaware, whose entire online business entity records system is down. Their database was upgraded in September from tech deployed before I went to high school and it hasn’t gone well.  I guess the jump from 1989 to 2015 was just a bit too much.

This Week’s Community Questions

  • FPS! Should it be everywhere all the time, or just reserved for savoury pockets of society and lawless planets?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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2 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 096 | Anomalous Thrust Signals”

  1. seannewboy Avatar

    FPS should be everywhere but the actual hangers* and certain social zones.
    Wonderful show everyone.

    *terms and conditions apply. There should be opt ins available for those that want total danger everywhere. There should be no options for zero danger.

  2. Ostron Avatar

    It sounds like a number of the worries (not using THAT WORD) discussed in this episode come down to issues of gameplay vs immersion. It would be more realistic and immersive for the aliens to speak alien languages and for their to be unrestricted universal (but punishable) FPS, but it still leaves room for certain individual players to get screwed over. I think erring on the side of immersion is the better way to go *if* CIG commits to actively monitoring the live game atmosphere. If they’re going to spend all of their energy just developing new content and only fixing things “in the next patch 3 months hence”, they need to lock it down.

    Regarding the Avenger and Geoff’s concerns that it’s usurping the Cutlass’ possible roles of rescue/bounty hunting: I think it’s worth bringing up that the Cutlass a multi-crew ship, albeit one of the smaller ones. They don’t have a single-seat bounty hunting or rescue ship right now, and the Avenger desperately needs some sort of identity given to it. Right now it’s just kind of existing as a ship that doesn’t fight as well as a lot of fighters, is slower than a 300i, can’t haul as much cargo as a Hull-A, and is more expensive than an Aurora or Mustang. They need to do something with it or people will start melting them like butter for baked potatoes.

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