Guard Frequency Episode 097 | TP Not Included

Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 097, of Guard Frequency, the universe’s premier Star Citizen podcast recorded on 13th November 2015 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, November 17th 2015 at [Download this episode]

Lennon, Geoff and Tony are back in the hangar to bring you more good radio, starting out with this week’s Squawk Box where we find out which way the wind is blowing and how much it blows. In CIG News we bring you everything that’s happening around the UEE including our weekly Crowd Funding Update, 10 for the chairman episode 69, the latest episode of Around The Verse with a hint of Reverse the Verse thrown in, and the latest on Star Citizen Alpha 2.0. In Nuggets for Nuggets we sell you the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge, and finally we tune into the Feedback Loop and let you join in on the conversation.

Topics Discussed

Hazard Index: Rhetorical

Rhetorical as in: not a whole lot going on.  Couple minor notes we’ll look into to verify the whole “not 100% wrong” track record Mr. Smart has developed regarding last week’s Avenger commercial and its interesting connection to this week’s Cutlass report and a follow up to the corporate structure thing from last week.

This Week’s Community Questions

  • Hangar flair — useless fluff or a nice little perk for subscribers?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

We got patches!

View our post for the episode on the RSI forums.

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3 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 097 | TP Not Included”

  1. Sao Avatar

    Why you be hatin’ on the hangar flair Geoff! I actually like the Puglisi collection. It’s unique and fun to have bits of the ‘verse in the hangar to remind me that there’s a large universe to explore out there. I enjoy all the hangar flair frankly and I think the devs do a great job of creating interesting stuff. They’re hardly slipping imo. I like the ship models too but they would be better if I could take them out of the cases and fly them around in my hands making the swooshing and gun blast sounds. They’re not toys though, oh no no no!

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t make any comments about the redesigned Connie. Did you like/dislike it? Also, when the PU actually releases in 2019, will you guys dedicate more of GF to SC again or do you think it will remain a general space game podcast from here on out? I know, that’s to far out to fathom but if it were, by sheer luck, to release say, next year, would you gravitate more toward SC again?

    Awesome nuggets this week! I’ve got to say this from a long time listener pov; and this is totally from the heart, but you guys are really sounding more and more depressed each week. I can imagine it gets exhausting reporting the same old stuff, but you guys are starting to sound like this is a drag. So if Tony is the “glass half empty” member of GF, who is the “glass half full” member?

    And lastly Tony, it’s a magazine, not a clip. (your making my military side cringe).

  2. seannewboy Avatar

    Wonderful episode everyone.

    As for the flair, nice but only of real value if they are all something you wont be able to get in game. I would imagine that once ground operations become available on planets, you would be able to pick up trophies yourself.

  3. DanishMule Avatar

    Great show guys.. a bit of science news for you, they have developed clean, cheap, check it out: energy

    When do you think we will see that in the PTU? 😉

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