Guard Frequency Episode 108 | This Show’s Too Small For A Cloaking Device

Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 108, of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on Friday 19th February 2016 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, February 23rd 2016 at [Download this episode]

Lennon’s back and is joined by Geoff and Tony for another packed episode of the Best Damn Space Sim Podcast Ever! To start us out this week, Tony tells us in Squawk Box how fiction is stranger than truth. On the Flight Deck we see what news from your favourite space-sims has landed as we cover:

Next, Lennon gathers Tony and Geoff’s thoughts on APIs and developer hooks, before we strap Chiv into the Sim Pod as he reviews Winga Commander 2; and finally we tune into the Feedback Loop and let you join in on the conversation.

This Week’s Community Questions

  • Open APIs for third party developers, best thing ever or dooooooooom?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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5 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 108 | This Show’s Too Small For A Cloaking Device”

  1. seannewboy Avatar

    great fun everyone keep up the good work.

  2. Tarka Roshe Avatar
    Tarka Roshe

    My geneal show feedback:
    I didn’t used to be interested in hearing about aircraft in general, but you guys certainly made it interesting to listen to. Love the debates, even if Tony is an “ignorant slut”. >.<

    With regards to the Community Question (Open API's):
    In my opinion, API's can be dangerous, but can also be a boon. A well implemented API can give glimpses into the "black box" of the game, allowing for additional funtionality in an controlled and secure way. A poorly implemented API can end up destroying the intended experience for everyone.

  3. Sao Avatar

    API’s are just fine as long as they are made available to everyone. I don’t think that data mining and meta exploits are good though and I think take it too far. If the information you need to play the game cannot be found within the game, then it breaks the game for me. Being able to add peripherals or manage your in game assets from a mobile is fine and adds IMMERSION.

    Maybe give the debate thing a rest for a week? Just sayin’… 😉

  4. BrckWallGoalie Avatar

    One relatively benign use for APIs would be for typed chat. Imagine a world where most everything is spelled correctly, proper nouns are always capitalized, and contractions alway have apostrophes, all because everyone is using a tablet with autocorrect for their chat keyboard. Not even Tony can argue with that.

  5. Tytis Kraiger Avatar
    Tytis Kraiger

    Hey All, Finally caught back up on episodes and just as I was wondering if I was EVER going to win my patch, the last show welcomed me with surprise. Been hauln’ major loads all over trying to get my financial feet back under me after recently purchasing a house. Mailing address has changed of course.

    Lovn the new format. Keep up the good work. I would request Lennon let out a little more slack on run time.

    API’s require diligence IMO so the original creators vision isnt adulterated to such extent they abandon it. Its good Roberts has thought of how he can mange this in private world servers ect.

    If I may also weigh in on ep107 question; I would welcome some micromanagement. Rerouting power to bypass incapacitate damage would be awesome. This would also have greater applications to multi-crew ships.

    Aim Easy, Die Hard

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