Guard Frequency Episode 116 | Mini Uranus in the Shadow of Nemesis

Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 116, of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on Friday 15th April 2016 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, April 19th 2016 at [Download this episode]

Lennon, Geoff and Tony are lurking in the shadows of the hangar once again this week to bring you your regularly scheduled episode of Guard Frequency. First up, in this week’s Squawk Box the numbers just don’t add up (no, seriously, they don’t). On the Flight Deck we  see what news has landed from your favourite space-sims as we cover:

Next, Geoff gathers Tony and Lennon’s thoughts on crafting, and finally we tune into the Feedback Loop and let you join in on the conversation.

This Week’s Community Questions

  • Love it? Hate it? Don’t care? We want to hear what you think about crafting.

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5 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 116 | Mini Uranus in the Shadow of Nemesis”

  1. Adon Avatar

    Great show everyone, especially the new announcer voice!

    Crafting in games can run such a range of fun to level to just plain boring. In a game like final fantasy 15 there’s some skill involved in the crafting of items, where a game like WoW is one click create. I can enjoy both of the systems for what they are and typically I’m not much of a crafter in most games so they’re not really systems aimed at me in general. I don’t mind them making ‘end game gear’, assuming there is some sort of skill or risk involved in it. If the recipe to make the end game item drops off of a boss you have to solo kill, an item to make it is a rare drop, or there is a skill to the crafting system minigame itself that is required to make the item I’m all for it.

    To use Final Fantasy 14 as an example again. The minigame for crafting required skill, and crafters could make clothing that improved their crafting that could not be rivaled by any drops. They could make end game gear with drops that came from bosses. They could also make gear that was close to, but not quite, equal to the end game drops. Meaning the raiders in the game would buy the crafters gear to go earn the epic lewts! from raid bosses.

    To touch on the PvP topic from last week, I can agree with most of what you guys are saying, if I’m in PvP I want it to be with someone else who wants to be there. I’m hoping the slider in Star Citizen will allow those people who wish to avoid conflict with other players do so. We clearly have different experiences we want out of the game, and games should do their best to cater to both types of players.

    Keep up the great work! You guys are the highlight of my Tuesdays.

  2. MrEightEx Avatar

    Hey guys, great show as usual. I’m using my first comment here to say that I think the Tony being an ignorant slut this is played out. Maybe it’s just me but its not really funny anymore. Oh and how lucky is he? It seems he wins ALL the coin tosses! 😉

  3. Amontillado Avatar

    Crafting can mean a lot of different things in gaming, but in general I am for it.

    For some ‘crafting’ implies a player or character’s ability to create inventory type items that can be used in other gameplay and sometimes sold to other players. This is all well and good (or can be) but there are other sorts of crafting that speak more to the heart of its appeal for me.

    When I’m playing a persistent game, I’m much more invested if I’ve been able to contribute some of my creativity into it, even more so if I’m able to share that creativity through something that I have built. Crafting, coupled with an ability to customize, can contribute to this.


    There was some talk about skill based medical gameplay in last week’s episode. What I’d love to see is a system that is accessible to everyone, but rewards experience, speed, and preparedness. I think CIG could do this pretty well in SC.

    In order to treat a person effectively you have to know where they were injured and what sort of damage has been done to them. A simple Medical mobiGlas scan can give you this information and then communicate the proper treatment for such injury. An experienced medic however, might be able to pick up on the visual cues and bypass the slower mobiGlas steps.

    Preparedness and resource management comes into play with having the tools and supplies needed to properly treat the various injury types in the game, and knowing what consumables are worth using at what point.

    This sort of gameplay mechanic can be rich and deep, but still accessible to all, while rewarding knowledge and player skill.



    P.S. One difference between getting attacked by an NPC and getting attacked by a player is similar to the difference between tripping over a tree root, and someone sticking their foot out to trip you.

  4. seannewboy Avatar

    Wonderful show everyone.

    It depends on how they do crafting, most games just muck it up royally.

  5. Sao Avatar

    I enjoyed your show very much. It is a very good show. I like it. (Love, Sao’s AI)

    Crafting should have an element of skill and creativity to it. At least, the player should have to do a little reading or gain knowledge on how to craft a specific item. It should not be a click and create scenario IF the item is of value. If it’s just refining materials to ultimately create a valuable item, then that’s ok to make it simple. Crafting shouldn’t provide the rarest items either, unless you acquired, through gameplay and skill, rare materials to craft the rare item. In other words, it should not be a monotonous grind or a click and wait fest. Creativity with crafting can be a great addition to a game.

    Ok, next week Geoff and Lennon debate. The “ignorant slut” needs the week off.

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