Guard Frequency Episode 142 | Return of the MacCombe

Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 142, of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on Friday 21st October 2016 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, October 25th 2016 at

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He’s baaaaaaack! The immortal returns and joins Ostron and Kinshadow for another episode of the Best Damn Space Sim Podcast Ever! In this week’s Squawk Box, well, the chances of anything coming from Mars are a million-to-one, they say. The chances of the Europeans getting there? Even slimmer! Next, we check out what news from your favourite space sims has hit the Flight Deck as we cover:

News We Didn’t Use

After that we’re debating a little bit of GTA in your space sims, before finally tuning into the Feedback Loop and letting you join in on the conversation.

This Week’s Community Question

  • Should Karma/Reputation ratings follow ships and allow players to “ditch the hot vehicle” to maintain legitimate and illegitimate interests with one character? Or does it need to follow the player so everyone knows what side of the law people are on, regardless of what they’re flying? Maybe you like the system Geoff came up with!

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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3 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 142 | Return of the MacCombe”

  1. seannewboy Avatar

    Wonderful show everyone.

    Karma should follow both, however it should only accrue for what is actually known. In too many games if i commit something bad but no one can see it, everyone still knows, npcs tend to have too much awareness. Also as far as the ships, there should be a systems where you can reduce the bad karma by modifying the ship, not just selling it. Also the speed at which karma is realized by others should be relative to how much you have. It should be hard to always know the guy that just cuts in line for a landing pad, but easy to spot the Dread Pirate Roberts.

  2. L-Wook Avatar

    Hey guys!
    Good show, good to have Geoff back but please take it easy on the guys who had to carry the show with a couple of short notice cancels. Although Kingshadow should be publicly shamed, he could’ve settled this gamescon/citizencon thing pretty quick.
    Regarding the reputation system, I like your guy’s ideas. I would like to see ships and players both have rep, just imagine the resale value on Queen Sandy’s Revenge after you’ve used it to wipe Derrick’s Asteroid clean of the Goonraithi! In addition it would be cool if there were situations where only the ship is tagged by the comm-array, or both you and your ship if you use your radio or something to give up your ID and lastly if your off ship committing crimes etc only you are tagged. So in game your scan may tell you, “Here come’s the Aluminium Mallard with a 2 star rating piloted by Roger Wilco with a 1 star rating.”

  3. Amontillado Avatar

    I’m thinking Geoff was right. (Did I just say that?!?!)

    Ships as well as characters should have a reputation based on their known history. In fact, I want ships to have data associated with them stating their birth / registration port, their ID number, owner, etc.

    A character’s mobiGlas should contain self identifying information as well that is tied to the character’s bio-metrics. It should be possible, but difficult to spoof this data, and even then, not indefinitely. Those bio-metrics are on file with the UEE and various bio scans are error checking mobiGlasses all the time in populated spaces.

    It should be UEE law that pilots and captains must have an active mobiGlas linked to their ship while they are operating it. This allows the identity of both pilot and captain to be communicated via standard ship to ship handshakes. Players could turn this information sharing off, but doing so should rouse suspicions from other players as well as the attention of Law Enforcement NPCs. Spoofing would be as above.

    As far as player reputation is concerned. I think a player’s publicly view-able account information should include a list of all past and present characters. Character A’s reputation should not affect Character B’s in regards to NPCs, but other players are of course going to draw their own conclusions.



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