Guard Frequency Episode 174 | It’s not Rocket Finance

Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 174 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on June 30th 2017 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, June 4th 2017 at

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In this week’s Squawk Box, we check out SpaceX’s latest ship sale. Next, we see what news from your favorite space sims has landed:

Finally, we tune into the Feedback Loop and let you join in on the conversation.

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This Week’s Community Questions

  • SC: What’s your take on the loan? Is it a non-issue or is it a worrying sign? Or have you just come to expect this from CIG for better or worse?
  • E:D: Are you keeping up with the rapid pace of discovery, or is the paradigm shifting too much too fast?

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6 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 174 | It’s not Rocket Finance”

  1. IceFire122 Avatar

    Me, a new Patreon?
    I have been supporting you since last September. Never received a patch, though.

    That out of the way: Good show as usual. Keep up the good work.

    Keeping up with E:D Thargoid developments has always been challenging, put possible. You “only” need to find the time to:
    -Read reddit
    -Read Galnet
    -Read the dev tracker
    -Read a couple of mega threads in the official forum
    -Watch videos from Obsidian Ant
    -Listen to three weekly podcast shows (one being guard frequency)
    and last but not least:
    -Play the game from time to time if there is some free time left.


  2. Xenocore Avatar

    For some reason, the rss is unable to download. Did the feed address update?

    1. Justin Lowmaster Avatar

      There was an error at post, filename wrong, it’s fixed now, worst case you can download from the site (I know that’s not ideal).

  3. seannewboy Avatar

    Wonderful show, the loan is a non issue, no worries .

    1. Theron Shan Avatar
      Theron Shan

      Like Seannewboy said, this seems like a non-issue. Let’s look at the primary complaint, that CIG is out of money and desperate for money hence the loan from Coutts.

      Last time I checked, banks don’t lend money to people who cannot repay it or at a high risk of default. Especially at Prime +2%. When you need money, no one will lend it to you. When you don’t you have offers coming out the wazoo.

      I’m not a finance major, but I don’t think you guys touched on the exchange rate argument in which IIRC, CIG (somehow/someway) takes advantage of the exchange rate valuation between the British Pound and the US Dollar for payment of labor

      The last thing said makes the most sense. Coutts doesn’t need the money, so why lend money to a super risky investment unless there’s VERY LITTLE RISK.

      This sounds like smart money management and taking advantage of the tax code. Don’t worry, I don’t think the Crown won’t suffer too badly for it.

      Great episode.

  4. Rentaspoon Avatar

    SC: What’s your take on the loan? Is it a non-issue or is it a worrying sign? Or have you just come to expect this from CIG for better or worse?
    The media reporting on the loan was nothing but clickbait and the loan can be nothing but good for the company, if they aren’t lacking the cash this gives them some extra cash flow for more servers or advertising SQ42 the traditional way or whatever, if they don’t then its “doomed” already and then this might be enough to get the wheel turning again.

    I don’t see why CIG should have to stick to using backers money only and I’ve read most of the summaries for the loan including Tony’s and the answer for most is “we don’t know what the loan is for”.

    As for shadiness of the deal, welcome to the UK! The government actually helps set this up as the games industry because they see this as the future of the UK, nice little bit of reading here.

    Either way current government loves the private sector at the moment so has probably helped with the cut.

    Great show as always

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