Guard Frequency Episode 179 | CIG, Lies and Videotape

Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 179 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on August 4th 2017 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, August 8th 2017 at

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In this week’s Squawk Box, Earth’s first, last and only line of defence against the worst scum of the universe could be you! Next, we see what news from your favourite space sims has landed as we cover:

Finally, we tune into the Feedback Loop and let you join in on the conversation.

This Week’s Community Questions

  • SC: What was your reaction to the delay announcement? Do you think the AtV information is necessary, or a smokescreen? Let us know your thoughts on those or any other Star Citizen issues.
  • E:D: Will you be firing up your Beta Chameleon to test the Karma system in Elite? Excited about the new Fungus Among Us?

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9 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 179 | CIG, Lies and Videotape”

  1. Thtcooperfellow Avatar

    Good podcast. Believe it or not the goons told me about this.

    Anyway, first question I’ll be you can guess my answer. Smokescreen

    To the second, I haven’t fired up Elite in awhile from being busy but I’ve been meaning to get back into it.

  2. G. Disklos Avatar
    G. Disklos

    That’s a solid point about Chris Roberts’ perfectionist tendencies being entirely related to how things look on-screen, and not on whether there’s fun things to do or good game balance or even if it’s playable for longer than five minutes before crashing to the desktop or falling through the level geometry.

    Judging from his past history and what he’s revealed through CIG’s relentless marketing assault, Roberts seems like a weird combination of obsessive micromanager and disinterested executive: if you’re making a leather jacket for an NPC, he’ll hover over your shoulder all day telling you about it and make you redo it three or four times, but if you’re working on the netcode or wondering how exactly trading is going to work he’s got nothing for you and no real vision for what’s going to be fun for players.

    1. seannewboy Avatar

      This is how i see it.

  3. LWook Avatar

    Thanks for the show!
    I don’t think the delays and time SC is taking is at all a ploy, but my heart tells me that the announced unreachable dates are part of the marketing machine (a necessary evil machine?)
    P.S. – Don’t be afraid to keep doing skits, don’t let the vocal minority ruin your vision

    1. Justin Lowmaster Avatar

      We recorded one, but was down one editor, fear not! Skits will still be a thing!

      1. seannewboy Avatar

        When you capitalize it, i get the impression that its a medical condition.

        Im sorry sir, but you have Skits.

  4. CMDR Acroci Avatar
    CMDR Acroci

    While the SC delay announcement isn’t necessarily surprising, I do share your feelings that better estimates should be given. I strive to have different targets for my team than what I communicate to project stakeholders so when unforeseen complications push us back the delay is either nonexistent or less severe. I’m not saying that’s what should be done, but players shouldn’t expect a delay more than a target to be met.

    Regarding the Elite beta, I will definitely be doing all I can to give feedback on the new Crime & Punishment Karma system. I love playing in open and meeting other commanders, however the lack of any consequences for grievers and/or those who murder senselessly is wholly disheartening and pushes many into private groups or solo. I absolutely do not intend to say playing in private or solo is somehow inferior (I do it myself), however I am confident the addition of a system ensuring consequences for destroying my unarmed trading ship or griefing new or inexperienced players will go a long way to improving enjoyment of the game and community as a whole. (And I’m always a sucker for new decals)


  5. PreachMan Avatar

    Thanks Guys, Love the show. I usually listen to the show while driving so I don’t comment nearly as often as I listen.

    I was REALLY disappointed that 3.0 got delayed again, but not surprised and not upset. Just disappointed. While I haven’t backed as long as The Immortal One, I’ve been with the project long enough to (fondly) remember ‘WTF is the Dog Fighting Module’ segments. So, not surprised and not upset. I like the ATV coverage and hope that it’ll serve the same purpose as the “blocker reports” of yore. I’m not worried because we’ve always had to wait extra long to get releases and they’ve always been fun to play when we finally get them. . .at least, eventually. . .

    Keep up the great radio!

  6. seannewboy Avatar

    Loved the show everyone.

    I expect delays at this point. Disklos and Acroci also have very good points.

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