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Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 185 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on September 15th 2017 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, September 19th 2017 at

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Firstly, an apology from the editors — this week’s audio was a little… unpredictable in places. As such, we had to resort to the backup-recordings in a lot of places, so this show may not be as highly polished as you’re used to. Sorry!

In this week’s Squawk Box, it’s the end of a 13 year voyage for Cassini. Next, we see what news from your favourite space sims has landed as we cover:

Finally, we tune into the Feedback Loop and let you join in on the conversation.

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This Week’s Community Questions

  1. What was your reaction to CIG’s Burndown and bug count adjustment? Are you getting distracted by the noise, or just staying the course?
  2. For Elite Dangerous:  Are you scared yet? Running for Colonia? Or do you wish they would hurry up and invade already? How much of that 99.996% of the remaining galaxy can we put you down for?

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5 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 185 | We Am Grammarian Expert”

  1. Khell3770 Avatar

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t know this. The reason Cassini was a contamination risk was less about microbes and more about it being nuclear powered vs the Titan probe which was battery powered. I listened to a very good 1 hour discussion interview with one of the Cassini project leaders on NPR about the mission and she covered this in detail. Long time listener, infrequent poster. Great job and keep up the great work.

  2. seannewboy Avatar

    Wonderful show everyone.

  3. Jirou Avatar

    The completionist is still 15k.

    The idea that the burn down wasn’t for the evocati is a little silly. There isn’t another bug list for the other waves. The reason for the evocati is to create the next bug list. The idea of the burn down bug list is to only fix the show stoppers (bugs that make the game unplayable in some way (eg. collision traps, death traps, system crashes, persistent D syncs, etc…)). Once the game is deemed as playable by the developers/QA, the evocati go to work. The evocati’s job is to find the “not quite so obvious” bugs and balance that can only be discovered with a working game.

    My guess (push up horn rimmed glasses), is that a huge chunk of these bugs that were removed, from the burndown, could be “quarantined” in a way that allows them to put them off till later. If there is a feature, that can be removed to prevent the players from experiencing the detrimental effects of a bug, they can take said bug off the burndown bug list and put it on the regular bug list for a later date.

    Good show (dammit!)

    PS. I would love to help you guys with editing but I haven’t the time :-/

  4. Bob_Dobalina Avatar

    Heh. About the dodgy headlines and fake refunds, this is just further evidence of gaming “journalism” being nothing but glorified bloggers with a lack of any journalistic ethics. So pathetic. No wonder SC fans get their backs up whenever anyone tries to badmouth the project. There is obviously a segment of the gaming public that would love for this project to fail and will put out any sort of FUD no matter that the truth might be.

    1. jirou Avatar

      This community is pretty good at taking criticism (this podcast especially) so long as it’s logical, and not just an outright.
      But, let’s not commit ad hominem fallacy on the journalist and let’s discuss the subject itself. The journalist could be a murder and a rapist, and if what he said is true, the rest of that is meaningless.
      There is a small segment of people that don’t want this to succeed. What amazes me is, how much effort they put in to game that they don’t like. I guess it’s schadenfreude.

      My question to you is, what is the issue? What about the content that makes you made.

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