Guard Frequency Episode 189 | Armageddon 2: Planetary Defense Tractor

Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 189 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on October 13th 2017 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, October 17th 2017 at

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In this week’s Squawk Box, we’re getting buzzed by an asteroid. Next, we see what news from your favourite space sims has landed as we:

Finally, we tune into the Feedback Loop and let you join in on the conversation.

This Week’s Community Questions

  1. E:D: OMG OMG OMG what’s your favorite thing about all the things that are going to happen? Give us your best guess about the killer app Frontier will ship for Elite in 2018.
  2. SC: What do you think comes after the 23 blockers are gone? Are you looking forward to your cockpit’s new polish (until it starts exploding)?

We got patches!

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4 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 189 | Armageddon 2: Planetary Defense Tractor”

  1. rentaspoon Avatar

    So does that mean Elite’s squadrons will increase the amount of friends i can fly with? My org has pretty much got bored of SC 2.6.3 so we have moved onto other games and if Elite could guarantee 16ish people in the same place I might convince people to play.

    And f*ck SQ42 where the f*ck is 3.0? Just send it out already! I’m sick and tired of getting “polished” builds when one of the reasons I backed was to have access to the builds ASAP, just give me the delta patcher and let me bug smash.

    ATV is boring as burndown takes up to much time, the “other” subjects just go on for to long now sometimes repeating themselves and as much as i love Chris and Sandi; they aren’t great hosts, either the scripting is bad or ironically they lack chemistry.

    What’s your opinions on CIG taking down videos as well?

    I’m sure Tony has the answer but I think it technically breaks YouTube’s DMCA take down notice and feels a tad over the top for CIG. I’m sure it’s probably written in the evocati agreement that they own all content but nothing terrible has really come of the leaks and this feels like another shot in the foot for “open development”.

    Dunno what periods are but hope there are enough full stops for you lot this time.

    1. Justin Lowmaster Avatar

      The DMCA takedown stuff is a hot mess unrelated to CIG … but if they said no videos, and someone put up a video, then they should be able to, IMO, have it removed.

  2. Preacher Avatar

    This is my response to your Star Citizen question this is exactly what will happen when the 28tlockers are removed . What first Chris Roberts will come out and announce that the 28 blockers are removed yay for the universe. suck it he will then announce that the current game engine just isn’t up to Quality so they need to start from scratch and rebuild another one. And then they will have a massive ship sail with LTI on everything at discount bottom prices just so we can keep supporting him making movies for his wife. I will be completely and utterly surprised if we see any kind of release date in the next 4 years I’m not saying this to be a smart but I’m not saying this because I’m tired of waiting I honestly think it’s going to be another four to five years before we see anything remotely playable from cig. Great show I really do appreciate y’all just work and I’m sorry that I am so salty about this but I really starting to think that Chris is taking us along for a ride I don’t think he knows where he wants the game to end and he just going to constantly add stuff at stuff and add stuff where it just never ends in the game is constantly in development.

  3. seannewboy Avatar

    Loved the show.

    Hopefully on the larger ships damage to a far away bit wont show up in the cockpit.

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