Guard Frequency Episode 208 | Module Version Rollback

Greetings Citizens and Civilians, you’re tuned to episode 208 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on April 6th 2018 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, April 10th 2018 at

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In this week’s flight deck we bring you all the headlines from simulated space including the latest news from: Dual Universe and they latest build, Elite: Dangerous’ module damage control and Star Citizen’s 3.1.1… wait, that sounds familiar… Next, we’ll get the news from the deep black with Spencer McDunn on Galactic Public Radio. Then Commander KineticImpulser gives you some spaceship skincare tips in Nuggets for Nuggets. After that we continue our audio adventure, Guard Frequency Origins, as our pilots get back out into the deep black. Finally, we open up the feedback loop and let you join in on the fun.

Community Question

Were you affected by the Insurance bug or the Guardian tech bug this week? Would you rather features rolled out more slowly and more thoroughly tested? Or out quickly with risk of breakage?

We got patches!

Join us in-game!

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4 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 208 | Module Version Rollback”

  1. seannewboy Avatar

    Wonderful show everyone.

    When it comes to updates, i always prefer slow and correct rather than fast and bugged.

  2. judahnator Avatar

    Love the show as always.

    Responding to your community question, let me answer your question with analogy.

    Imagine you ordered your favorite 14inch pizza from your favorite pizza joint and were upgraded at no charge to 16inch. Sweet, more pizza! Except what was delivered was not the pizza that you know and love, it is a 16inch piece of half baked dough and raw toppings. That is how I feel about the new updates.

    I don’t mind new stuff being added to the game, but imagine finding a raw anchovy on your pizza. I wouldn’t mind trying something new, but if it is not ready then it will just ruin the rest of the product.

    I did not pay for a steam beta, I paid for a stable and relatively bug free game.

  3. H Alan Avatar
    H Alan

    Nice work boys. Looking forward to hearing about the exploits of K-9 the wonder dog. If you go with K-9, it will need an english speaking voice. If you keep “Muffit” (the pet dagget of Boxey from Battlestar Galactica) a barking type sound effects are fine.

    I had no problems with the insurance bug. Ships kept appear in the Port Olistar launch pads without me requesting them. Wait, was that the bug?!

    On to patch delivery, SC is in ALPHA stage development. Patch delivery schedules are substantially different for work-in-progress versus a stable launch build. Keep ’em coming – hot and steady. Much easier now with the switch to the delta patcher and good enough for now.

    1. H Alan Avatar
      H Alan

      BTW, Jerry Reed was the truck driver in the “Smokey and the Bandit” movie series and a spin off or two.

      Geof, what’s with all the name drops! Who the heck are Walter Cronkite and Howard Cosell? JK

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