Guard Frequency Episode 229 | The Dream of the Blue Squiggles

Cits and Civs, Captains and Commanders, you’re tuned to episode 229 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on September 14th 2018 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, September 18th 2018 at

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In this week’s flight deck we bring you all the headlines from simulated space including the latest news from: Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Next, we’ll get the news from the deep black with Spencer McDunn on Galactic Public Radio. After that we continue our audio adventure, Guard Frequency Origins, where the team finds love in an elevator. Finally, we open up the feedback loop and let you join in on the fun.

Lace up your booties, campers, it’s time to head out to the Flight Deck.

Community Question

If you haven’t seen the gameplay trailer for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, do so immediately and report back

We got patches!

Join us in-game!

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6 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 229 | The Dream of the Blue Squiggles”

  1. seannewboy Avatar

    Always read your script before trying to say it.

    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw does look really nice, but that is the kind of stuff im looking forward to being able to do in SC, if it comes out before i die.

    Great show everyone.

  2. Bobo Elk Avatar
    Bobo Elk


    I regret to inform you that communications with my nephew Clown Bobo, who as you know is currently residing in the future and is not at all here in the present at present, that those communications have been temporarily interrupted.

    In his absence I thought you might like to hear my new theory upon scope creep as subterfuge within the Big Game Developer Simulator™ project. This is MY theory. That is to say it is mine, which is to say that I came up with it and am therefore completely within my rights to claim that this theory, that is the theory which I came up with, is in fact my theory. Mine alone. No one else’s but mine. Me, Miss Bobo Elk. She who is me. The person to whom this new theory belongs.

    And that theory is – Ahem. Ahem. … Ahem.

    “A Theory Upon Scope Creep as Subterfuge Within the Big Game Developer Simulator™ Project,” by Miss Bobo Elk
    Who is me. Me who created this theory all on my own. The theory which is as follows and belongs to me:

    The scope of the Star Citizen project as subterfuge within the Big Game Developer Simulator™ project was very very small at the beginning, has become MUCH thicker in the middle, and will suddenly collapse to near nothing as the actual project reaches completion.

    That is my theory, which is mine.

    Pity that Rebel Galaxy Outlaw doesn’t have a multiplayer component.

    The ladies at the Mary Leakey Memorial Lonely Hearts Club, that is to say me and other ladies, myself included, are currently in the market for a good LAN party space pirate sim.

    With awkward hugs and unrequited affection,

    B. Elk


  3. H Alan Avatar
    H Alan

    $1000 for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw jpeg ships.
    RGO – PSA >


    1. rentaspoon Avatar

      Anyone notice that guy taking is anger out on the coke machine… hmmm.

  4. Bennu Avatar

    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, you had me at “Looks like Privateer” :
    And they did a joke about that, too.

    I originally wanted Star Citizen because it promised to be a better Privateer. But this looks really fun. After all the drama and arguments about game economics, crowdfunding, griefing, etc…. maybe I don’t want an MMO anymore?

  5. rentaspoon Avatar

    I did notice one error, Tony said keyboard and mices (mouses?), got an awesome picture in my head of both Tony’s hands on the mice and frantically mashing his face into the keyboard to control his ship.
    Bloopers awesome as usual guys, blooper reel special?

    *watches the gameplay*
    *skip skip skip*
    Auto Pursuit – Don’t like it personally, if your jousting your not controlling your ship properly or you don’t have enough HOTAS, bring more HOTAS BUT it would be a great idea for disabled players, which I’m all for.

    Rebel galaxy kinda looks like what Elite should be combat wise, might buy just for the sound track and dynamic music, it reminds me from wing commander to ace combat and seems to have taken everything good out of past successful games but the game just didn’t excite me, pretty sure I’m just feeling burnt out as always before citizen con.

    Also Elites exploration update? I’m 500+hrs into the game, to me i feel like I’ve completed it, I’ve wanted to bag myself a system with my name on it but exploration seemed like a bit of a bore, honk and scan, honk and scan, the squiggly lines puts me off even more. I want to explore and it would be good as I need materials but it’s so borrrring and now it sounds even borringger!

    The gnosis gnameplay sounded gnreat, it’s actually what I asked for, thargoids actually attacking “stations” it’s just a damn shame I didn’t hear about it until after the fact. MORE THARGOIDS IN THE BUBBLE!! I WANT DESPERATION AND DISPAIR!! I WANT STATIONS ACTUALLY BLOWING UP!! I WANT THAT STAR WARS FEELING OF LOSING HOPE UNTIL I SEND A MISSILE UP THE THARGOIDS EXHAUST PORT!!

    Great show as always, extra points if you audio team replaces the honks with the actual in game sound.

    PS. should Star Citizen be focusing on one planet at a time or just get the stations, systems and gameplay built up? I’d be happier with them place holding planets and “hero locations” just to get actual game play out. I get that it’s like rolling a snowball down the hill and it’ll grow exponentially but me and my org have “finished” every space game now, we are so “done” that we are actually building our own space RPG.

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