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Cits and Civs, Captains and Commanders, you’re tuned to episode 223 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on August 3rd 2018 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, August 1st 2018 at

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In this week’s flight deck we bring you all the headlines from simulated space including the latest news from Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, and Descent Underground. Next, we’ll get the news from the deep black with Spencer McDunn on Galactic Public Radio. After that we continue our audio adventure, Guard Frequency Origins, face enemies, weapons fire and the dreaded roll of the natural one. Finally, we open up the feedback loop and let you join in on the fun.

Lace up your booties, campers, it’s time to head out to the Flight Deck.

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Community Question

Has Chris Roberts mastered the art of letter writing? Or should he stick to thruster scripting?

We got patches!

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5 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 223 | A Horse Named Tizzy”

  1. rentaspoon Avatar

    Better stuff for paying more on patreon? Sounds like pay to win Guard Frequency ?

    The pay to win stuff doesn’t bother me with Star Citizen since you could’ve started putting $10 gift cards on your account from the start and had all of the best ships by today’s date anyway. Just glad to get the UEC back from the fish tank since the crab hasn’t worked properly for years and the “limited edition” ballistic pistol I brought for £10 and cost 1/10th in game.

    The IFCS needs revamping, 2.0 had ships fly differently and the ships felt like each one was unique, I saw pro players flying different ships to suit their needs, no pay to win issue there, now they all fly the same so its hornet or bust.

    I’m not surprised by the holding back content since they have done it every year before citizencon except this time told us beforehand and I wonder if they are holding their cards close because of the legal battle with crytek.

    In Elite, the Empire is taking a “British attitude” to thargoids in Kamadhenu but don’t worry gal net’s got an article on what books you should be reading for your intergalactic book club. Frontiers priorities are a bit messed up.

    Great show to come back to, 2 gold stars and a slice of pineapple pizza for you.

    Also mummy(Tony), daddy(Jeff) please stop fighting.

  2. seannewboy Avatar

    Wonderful show everyone.

    He does know how to write letters, but he should still stick to thruster scripting, or thrusting scriptors.

  3. Bennu Avatar

    I hear lots of talk about pay2win or pay4advantage and i just shrug. Can somebody explain to me why I should care if someone else has l33t gear and I’ve only got my Aurora LN? I don’t anticipate that I’d go looking for a PVP fight in an Aurora and I wouldn’t expect that I’d often accidentally bump into another live player because A. 9 to 1 NPC to PC ratio and B. Space is big. I get that P2W is a problem for a lot of games where all the action is PVP and your weapons/armour/gear matters, but I’m not seeing how it applies in Star Citizen. Yes, yes… I know Tony has this theory about the rich guys will hoard all the output of factories… but that seems like a temporary effect: Cash rich players buy more Constellations which drive more orders for stuff to make Constellations which means more Constellations get built per “gametime day” and the problem corrects after a “gametime week” So I have to wait a week… Oh wait.. I’d already have to play during that a week to earn the UEC in game – silly me.

    Second – Video content. Umm, if they’re holding back video content about features until they’re released, doesn’t that imply there will be a drought of featurettes until those features are released? I understand where they’re coming from with this change: Don’t show stuff that isn’t done because some loudmouth will pester you endlessly about that version they saw for 5 sec on AtV that didn’t work when you tested it.

    Third- The 3.3 release shift makes sense to me. They want a demo built on the stable build. What’s the stable build at that time on the calendar? That would be 3.3 OTOH, 3.4 wouldn’t be “gelled” until a month prior to release… which would be end of November. Would it be “more scheduled” if 3.3 was released before CitizenCon? Sure, but 10 days is plenty of time for the “time rich” players to find all the shiny things before the demo.

    So – yeah, I enjoyed the letter and I enjoyed RtV. I’m still having fun watching it all unfold.

  4. Clown Bobo Avatar
    Clown Bobo

    To pay to win, or not to pay to win, that is the question:
    Whether ‘tis payment for advantage
    To be the first to amass an outrageous fortune,
    Or ‘tis but to insure against a sea of drudgery
    And so by avoiding, to win the day.


    These all ought NOT be the question. No, these are but more parts of the same chimera which has blinded us for too long. Blinded us to the one true question which we should be asking ourselves, and each other. A question which would certainly have occurred to many of us much sooner, if only we had listened to Tony.

    That question is: Do I want to continue to play Big Game Developer Simulator™?

    Well, do you? I know that I do not. Funny thing is I can’t recall now that I ever did. But what I do know now is that when I originally backed another game, a game called Star Citizen, I made a intriguing mistake! Boy do I have egg on my face!

    At that time I genuinely believed I was agreeing to help an independent developer who was committed to working in tight unison with its funding community to create the best damn something-something ever. A something-something which couldn’t be made any other way. I and those like me were actually needed! We were special! We were going to make the impossible possible! Certainly ‘twas the noblest of pursuits. I beat a path to PayPal with an awesome quickness.

    It is ironic now, that I did not realize then, that the game I was so eagerly jumping aboard to support in development had already launched! Yes! It had in fact launched in 2012! For it was two years hence, in 2014, when I signed on to play my fool’s role within ‘the real game.’ To unwittingly play my role in helping to create another of the very same monster I had thought I was helping to oppose!

    ‘Twas brilliantly played! Maximum points for meta manipulation CIG. You grow closer to winning with each and every sale.

    Remember The Pledge*



  5. Tonka Avatar

    The main point is that you’ll get outclassed at anything you want to do in the game. It doesn’t even have to be dogfighting, it can be exploring, racing(especially) etc. The thing is that unless you spent cash on buying a ship, you’ll be at a serious -mechanical- disadvantage. That’s why it’s P2W.

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