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Cits and Civs, Captains and Commanders, you’re tuned to episode 263 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on June 7, 2019 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at

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This Week’s Schedule

  • Flight Deck
  • The news from the deep black with Spencer McDunn on Galactic Public Radio.
  • We continue our audio adventure, Guard Frequency Origins, regretting to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stupid.
  • Feedback Loop

In our Elite:Dangerous segment, we cover Dr. Kaii’s ED Profiler. This is not a hack tool!

Community Question

  • Are you rushing out to buy a new 300 with all the fixins’?
  • How about a stadia founders pack?

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Comments (2)

  • H Alan


    Good Show everyone. Wait, that should be SeanNewboy’s line. So consider this a proxy. Well yes, i did double the trade in value of my 300i to a 300i-C without knowing the actual advantages between packages or the UEC cost of those components in-game. Well yes, I did pre-order the Stadia controller. I already stream content to my TV via a Chromecast Ultra. I do wonder if having the controller for Stadia will allow guests with Stadia accounts to play their games no my TV. How easy will it be – if at all – to switch accounts/users.


  • Ken from Chicago


    CQ #1: Nope, I’m fine with my Aurora and Avenger Titan, my own personal star(ship) fleet.

    CQ #2: Nope. I’m not getting the Stadia Founder’s Pack. I already have a pc, TYVM.

    By the way, ironically, for an advertising company, Google can be terrible at advertising its own services (outside of Search, Gmail, Play Store, Pixel phones, Chrome books). They, like you and virtually everyone during the first week focused on the Founder’s Pack or that Stadia was not the “Netflix of streaming games”.

    Overlooked by reporters, commenters and Google itself was the regular free version of Stadia. All you need is an internet connection of 10mbps (I get that from my DSL service in a rural town barely over 10,000 population) and a chrome browser. You only pay for the game, not a console or subscription and you don’t even need to buy a game controller but just use a keyboard and mouse–the superior game interface of pc gamers. Plus, you can play a game in under 5 minutes. No waiting hours for a game to download or get Day-1 patches.

    Also, at E3, it was revealed that Ubisoft was offering a “Netflix-style” subscription of its games on various platforms–including Stadia. By not offering their own sub service, Google leaves Stadia open for studios, such as Ubisoft, Bethesda, EA, etc. to offer their own (ala iTunes launching buying songs from one major studio or tv episodes from one major network, but it eventually expanded to them all). Had Google did a follow-up presentation at E3 then Stadia could have been seen more clearly.

    Long story short: While some of your Stadia analysis was wrong, it’s not your fault. Google buried the lede. #GoogleWasWrong.

    General Feedback:

    I said that your life is messed up if you are wasting time counting threads on your bedsheets. Tony concluded I was saying Geoff’s life is messed up since Geoff counts threads. Tony’s deduction, based off what I said, was right but his conclusion was wrong but it’s not Tony’s fault. I vaguely remembered Geoff saying he liked high-count bedsheets but I failed to address this. That was my fault.

    For immortals who have an eternity of time on their hands, then of course, you will want to maximize your comfort and do have the time to count threads. For us mere mortals, it’s a waste of time.

    Long story short: #TonyWasNotWrong, #KenWasWrong and #GeoffWasRight

    The lawsuit:

    Crytek hires new lawyers who hit the ground running, responding to CIG, but issuing various charges. But weren’t some of them a rehash of the original charges–including some the judge already threw out? Also, if the new response is that Crytek is not looking for a payday but for “justice” by stopping CIG–then doesn’t that mean Crytek’s request for delay for them to negotiate for settlement was a flat-out LIE to a federal judge at worst, or, at best, a waste of said federal judge’s time? I seem to recall a very, very, very wise man saying wasting a federal judge’s time is a very bad thing to do.

    Long story short: I’m no lawyer but maybe things are not quite all sunshine and rainbows for Crytek.

    — Ken from Chicago

    P.S. If Star Citizen was on Stadia then it would mean Tony, Henry, Brian, and Geoff wouldn’t have to worry about upgrading your computers for when it finally launches. CIG could still have its own network on the off chance Google shuts down Stadia.


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