Guard Frequency Episode 275 | On The Roadmap Again

Cits and Civs, Captains and Commanders, you’re tuned to episode 275 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on September 13, 2019 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at

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Community Questions

  • Do you think the roadmaps are still helpful?
  • What changes should they make, if any, to make them more helpful?
  • What do you think about the ARX in Elite: Dangerous?

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3 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 275 | On The Roadmap Again”

  1. Ken from Chicago Avatar
    Ken from Chicago

    CQ #1:

    Yes. The Star Citizen roadmaps reveal, within a certain range of variance, the direction the development is heading and, within a greater range of variance, the distance they have to go.

    CQ #2:

    State the obvious. That there are certain hurdles that are taking longer to surpass than had originally been expected. IOW, explain the lack of change. When there is a lot of progress, then the parts that don’t change don’t stand out as much but when the development hits a slow spell then discuss why things are so slow.

    The reasons for slow spells may be obvious to CIG but with silence comes the worst assumptions. You may think of an item as delayed further into the future, patch 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, etc., but others will assume if it’s off the roadmap it’s been canceled.

    Although, when people lose hope then no news is bad news; bad news is the end of the world and good news is just a facade delaying the inevitable bad news. At that point, practically nothing is helpful–to those people–except, sometimes, the passage of time. As the future arrives either things will work out or not, their fears will be fulfilled or not, their hopes will come true or not.

    IOW, to quote Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, the waiting is the hardest part.

    CQ #3: I couldn’t keep track of all the currencies in Star Trek Online. I honestly am not worried about a currency that hasn’t even showed up in Elite Dangerous. Frontier Development will explain when or if Arx arrives.

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Regarding the roadmaps, I agree with Henry: For CI, the Roadmaps are to give backers something to talk about. I think it’s because engagement is a prerequisite for continued funding. Weekly roadmaps (the weekly videos as well) keep the players’ attention, so that when the next item goes on sale, you’ve maximized eyes to increase sales.

    To make the roadmap more useful for backers interested in trying to understand where CI are in development, and to try to guess if feature x/y/z will make it into next patch, I think:

    1) Don’t just have #ofTasks as the metric. This is vague, and unclear what the blockers are and if there are any dependencies. It also doesn’t accurately reflect how long each of these tasks might take. The last task out of 30 could take as long as all the other tasks combined…

    2) Organize the roadmap into some kind of flowchart to show dependencies/blockers. This would greatly help for features that have so far been developed in the background, but aren’t “sexy” enough to be put on the roadmap. So if there are technological blockers that are being worked on, those can be on this “flow chart” to show how some of this background work is causing features to slip into later patches. But with these blockers on the roadmap proper, backers would have a better sense of how close they are to addressing these blockers

  3. Gek Bobo Avatar
    Gek Bobo

    Dear Granduncle Geoff,

    I have exciting news! After years spent searching I have at long last found the treasure your heart holds dearest, your birthright, your raison d’etre.

    Yes! It is true! I have recovered your Grandfather’s Ceremonial Hernia Truss! See me wearing it in this linked daguerreotype.

    I pledge that I will not take the Truss off, nor will I launder my clothes or bathe my body until I have reinstated our family’s most precious possession around your formidable belly.

    The tale of my adventures will need wait until we are reunited. All I will say for now is that I begged, borrowed, and when necessary stole my way to the Truss’s hiding place aboard a Vy’Keen freighter in the EFF1N.CR00X system.

    Once aboard the freighter I cleverly, though entirely fairly, tricked the Vy’Keen Admiral in charge, thereby winning back our property.

    In response the Admiral robbed me of everything except the Truss and had me put down upon the planet BL0.M3.C1.

    Please send help. I don’t like it here.

    Your dutiful second cousin twice removed,

    Gek Bobo

    PS – During the trip planetside the Vy’Keen shuttle crew listened to an unedited replay of Episode 275. #TonyIsRight

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