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Guard Frequency Episode 307 | Beta Evictus Blowout

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Cits and Civs, Captains and Commanders, you’re tuned to episode 307 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on May 22, 2020 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at GuardFrequency.com

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This Week’s Schedule

  • Flight Deck
  • We continue our audio adventure, Guard Frequency Origins, giving you a call, because you’ll fly with us.
  • Feedback Loop

Links & the Like

  • Nothing to see here. Move along.

Community Questions

  • Did you manage to test a carrier in Elite Dangerous?
  • Did you get into the Expo and see the capital ships in action?

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Comments (2)

  • Quadgnim


    You all keep thinking theaters of war might be going to the console but come on that’s too small. That’s just a demo/ POC/test. Its much more likely IMHO SQ42 will find its way to next gen consoles like PS5 and that would be worthy of an investment by CR


  • seannewboy


    Great job everyone. Happy Memorial day to Americans.


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