Guard Frequency Episode 312 | Ben’s Birthday Adventure

Cits and Civs, Captains and Commanders, you’re tuned to episode 312 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on June 26, 2020 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at

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This Week’s Schedule

  • Flight Deck
  • We continue our audio adventure, Guard Frequency Origins, jumping off the deck and shoving into overdrive.
  • Feedback Loop

Links & the Like

  • Elite: Dangerous nerfed mining and Tony was so busy arguing with Skiffy about Squadrons that he forgot to argue with Kinshadow about Low Temperature Diamonds. But the argument is probably moot because Frontier’s Stellar Forge R-N-Generated a buff anyway.
  • It’s week 4 of The Brian Chambers Candlelight Vigil. We know he’s out there… somewhere. And the promised May update will be ready… someday. Fixed guns are a little gimballed, PvP gets a slider, turrets are targeting, bodies are dragging, and the flight model will be released to the PTU Soon™, but in the meantime, the Lamestream Game Media is dogpiling CIG again.

Community Questions

  • How do you feel about Star Citizen coverage in the game press?
  • And does the new PvP dev “slider” meet your expectations for choosing your game experience?

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4 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 312 | Ben’s Birthday Adventure”

  1. seannewboy Avatar

    cq1) they cover SC?
    cq2) yes

    I am not a Bot, i am a free person! Content of feedback determined by level of brain activity

    Thanks Ken.

    Wonderful job everyone.

  2. seannewboy Avatar

    Why have we seen no pictures of cyber-gear for SC yet, what sci-fi universe does not have cyber-gear?

  3. Sarah Avatar

    I think Star Citizen’s coverage has been consistent with basically every other kickstarter and early access game. If you compare articles for Mighty No 9, Red Ash, Bloodstained, Psychonauts 2, Broken Age, etc. to the articles about Star Citizen, they are only written whenever there’s a “milestone”. This can be the form of a delay/cancelation, funding level reached, demo, convention presence, or production problems. And whatever “milestone” the article is about, the articles do not go through every single update, demo, tweet, video, etc just to report and comment on the milestone and current situation surrounding the game.

    Take for instance Broken Age. It was delayed and went over budget. When that fact came out, articles covered that it went over budget, and were critical/lamented the fact that Double Fine needed to split the game and sell the first part to fund the 2nd part. They didn’t go through every update video or background detail to give “context” to where the project “currently was”. So I don’t think Star Citizen is being treated any differently when the authors don’t play the alpha before writing articles about how it has hit another arbitrary high funding number, and report that the game isn’t out yet.

    So, I agree with Henry.

  4. Ken from Chicago Avatar
    Ken from Chicago

    CQ1: Press coverage of STAR CITIZEN is typical. While a few, like Chris Neal and MJ Guthrie, of Massively OP, actually play what’s in the game, investigate what’s going on, base their opinions on current data, the vast majority seem to take the lazy route Brian mentioned last week: Recycle the same screed quoting the same complaints from years ago and merely update the funding number from $100, $200, $300 million raised.

    And while there are legit flaws to note, as Tony and Henry and sometimes Geoff and Brian do, there have been a lot of accomplishments that are either minimized or simply ignored.

    CQ2: Making the PVP slider dev-facing instead of player-facing, to quote movie, A TIME TO KILL, they’ve taken justice out of your hands and put it into theirs (?). I prefer having the controls. But I get it, for … immersion … they post in-game signs and notices when your’re in lawless zones and can be attacked more likely by other players.

    As for Tony’s fears that someone who doesn’t care about punishment could just camp out, isn’t that what the Quantum system and Prison system are for? To spawn NPC cops and bounties on pirates? Wouldn’t Prison time also keep someone from repeatedly camping out? Especially if time is extended for repeat offensive, like IRL?

    General Feedback:

    As for the suggestion that I’ve been stroking Tony’s ego to get included in feedback, I take umbrage. Tony has way too much smart, integrity and good looks to fall for that. 😉

    No, my point was Tony’s dayjob as a lawyer is to analyze words and he does it so well, he’s not just paid to do so but paid enough to support a house, a spouse and child and a pet. Moreso, he was able to take 6-12 months off to campaign for statewide office. Rarely you’re going to find a serious political candidate campaigning for office and flipping burgers. That’s a rich person’s game.

    It’s mere flattery only if it’s not true. Now what did I say was not true? I can accept criticism when I’m wrong.

    Speaking criticism and being wrong, it troubles me that recent reports of a black hole big enough to eat a star a day isn’t large enough to illustrate how wrong Henry was about news reporting. However, (say it with me), … to be fair … it is not Henry’s fault. The state of news media has so fallen that of course he has such a low bar for it: Was it accurate? Yes? Then it’s a news story. Henry and all of us have all received a disservice in so-called 21st century “news reporting” of a story.

    No, a good news story answers the 5 W’s and 1 H. Allow me to demonstrate how the “news story” Henry cited should have been done:

    WHO: Cloud Imperium.

    WHAT: Raised over $300 million in crowdfunding for making the game Star Citizen.

    WHEN: This past week [when the story was published].

    WHERE: In Los Angeles, California; Austin, Texas; Manchester, England, Frankfurt, Germany and also online.

    At this point we would have essentially replicated what was published but there is a glaring omission: WHY and HOW (which people often use interchangeably). So let’s fix this oversight.

    HOW: Well, people donated funds, often by buying game packages, subscribing to the game to support development) and, of course, ships.

    Despite asking “how” people often mean “why”.

    WHY: Space games is one of the oldest genres of video games, back before there were home computers, they made SPACE WAR, a game played on DEC computers at MIT in the 1960’s. It dominated video games from the 1970s to mid 2000s when publishers, for unknown reasons simply stopped, leaving a deep hunger and thirst for the space game. CIG came along at the right after players saw the major publishers were not making the game they wanted. The venn diagram of video gamers, scifi fans, and space travel is almost a circle.

    Why over $300 million, and counting?

    Also, Chris Roberts. His vision and pitch for SQUADRON 42 and STAR CITIZEN resonated with players and so we donated. And slowly, very slowly, we’ve seen progress, doing things in the Alpha that finished and Launched games, years after the fact, aren’t. Just watch the countless videos of people playing in the Alpha.

    Why has it taken over 8 years?

    Also, Chris Roberts. The strength of a detailed simulation has also been a sore point not settling for just “okay” to get the game shipped but getting it “right”. And at the rate their going, with delays in initially establishing the company, building the tools then deciding what foundation needed to be in the game (Alpha 3.0), now COVID-19, one could conceivably have a child enter 1st grade and graduate high school by the time STAR CITIZEN launches.

    Or one might have an adolescent child do the opening of one of the best space sim podcasts and see him graduate college in time for launch. 😉

    Anyhoo, see the difference alleged reporting and good reporting?

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