Guard Frequency Episode 322 | der Streisand-Effekt

Cits and Civs, Captains and Commanders, you’re tuned to episode 322 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space sim podcast ever! This episode was recorded on September 4, 2020 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at

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Team Guard Frequency Folding @ Home – Team # 266755

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Links & the Like

  • Descent, formerly known as Ships That Fly Underground, formerly known as Descent Underground, formerly known as Descent 2019, lost their motion to dismiss against Little Orbit today… and Tony is Very DIS-A-POINTED!
  • It’s Week 14 of the Brian Chambers “No, Post Office Posters Are Only For Fugitives” Vigil. There’s bound to be some film of some stuff any day now. Any. Day. Now. And in other news, now we have to ask the same questions about Chris and Erin Roberts, because you can’t talk about it on the forums.
  • And No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games is teasing another big ground breaking project… and that’s all they’re doing.

Community Questions

  • Who’s preordering the new Hello Games game?
  • What should CIG do to get Chris out in front of the community?
    • A space worm clown suit?

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4 responses to “Guard Frequency Episode 322 | der Streisand-Effekt”

  1. Blizzard36 Avatar

    “Go sit over there while we finish this game the investors already paid for.” Has been the key instruction given to Chris Roberts on every big successful Chris Roberts game. The dude has no ability to contain scope.

    I only backed Star Citizen because at the beginning it actually was planned to do it in stages. First Squadron 42, then expand the universe, then add other things. I thought, “It took 20 years but he finally learned!”

    Then crazy money started rolling in and he abandoned the staged plan and went back to his old ways. I knew the game would never get finished at that point. Perpetual feature and content creep is his only mode.

  2. seannewboy Avatar

    Wonderful show everyone.

    no, and dangle a check

    Clones are usually nice and helpful, until The Computer commands otherwise.

    1. Justin Lowmaster Avatar

      I understand that reference! -Chivtain America

      1. seannewboy Avatar

        I wondered if anyone would, i know that there was a pc version, but im not sure anyone plays it now.

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