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45 responses to “An Open Letter to Derek Smart”

  1. Jeff Avatar

    We should all band together and sue him for putting all our investments at risk. Surely there is something that can be done to stop him.

    1. CommanderKellogs Avatar

      yep, I saw a number of people suggest backers should team up and file a suit for contract interference, I´d love to join in on that. This would be an excellent site by the way to focus the effort.

    2. Florian Avatar

      i haply spent money to sue mister DS for putting my investments at risk.. actually we can do that because i thing CIG already have started talking to there lawyers and therefor my/ our investment is used on a troll like him who him self is to incompetent to make a good game ( because Roberts worst game has still way better scores than mister DS )

    3. TheMadGolem Avatar

      We aren’t actually investors. this is a crowd-funded project 😉
      Smart’s never gonna win. Even if CIG is forced to pay legal fees, the income still keeps coming in.

      In other words, they are still better off either way.

    4. cyb3rmongo Avatar

      I agree, I say the backers should all get together and run interference before Dumb Shit, starts to put the BDSSE, in jeopardy.

    5. Rivieri Avatar

      Hey Tony,

      what´s the total cost if you set up and file a tortious contract interference class action law suit , we backers can easily crowdfund the effort on Indie Gogo that would cover your cost as well as the cost for filing, just sayin´!
      Pretty sure many backers would gladly put cash into Indiegogo, Gofundme or any other budget pool you set up to get this done.
      The guy is actively running a campaign encouraging backers to violate an agreement not to pull their investment . Also interfering with CIG making a game for us. That is not acceptable.

      imagine the wonderful headlines.
      cheers Rivieri

    6. Paul Avatar

      I vote we sue Mr. Smart for slander. He is only bringing a bad name to a company that has done nothing bad.

    7. Bromine Avatar

      We could always find his Ashley Madison profile and post it all over the internet.

      1. Justin Lowmaster Avatar

        That’s not any sort of thing that will help, and probably not the kind of thing we (SC community) want to be known for.

  2. Saoldian Avatar

    On behalf of mature and decent consumers and, frankly, human beings who understand and respect, fairness and the value of the dollar, thank you for attempting to appeal to the same universal traits listed that one would hope Mr. Smart would attempt to hold dear. His juvenile response and calling you “Troy” is a perfect picture of who he is at his core. A narcissistic leech who has not, and will not, do anything good for society and is the reason that heroes were born; to overcome the boundless pride of the fool. Of which, Derek Smart is a Prince of Fools of the highest order. To prove my point:

    “If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.” and “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” Proverbs

  3. Stones Avatar

    I am not a backer of SC, but I am guy who been stupid enough to spend money on some of Derek Smarts projects over the years, and every time, HE fails, he blames everybody else.

    He is a cheap ripoff artist, and a troll, and he hates when he is not the center of attention.

    1. Krystal LeChuck Avatar

      Well apparently you are in luck! Derek Smart is offering full refunds to all LOD backers now. Go get your money back from that piece of turd game.

  4. Florian Avatar

    Well what side should i take ? CIG site ? because i invested money and i lost fade in the SC project or a guy that rages, is by him self incompetent to make a game and total lack of respect … well i stick wit cig here .. the project might fail or never get closed to what i hope it would be but i give them at least a chance .. if he sues CIG even tho he has no more right to do so since he got a refund and therefor is not a customer of that product any more i will just put more of my hard owned money so CIG can sue him back . i really hate trolls and dumb asses that think they are god

  5. Doc_Buckshot Avatar

    Tony, I enjoyed your letter and thought it addressed the only real threat that Derek might pose to the money that we backers gave to make a game, not to fund lawsuits. Your attempts to appeal to his powers of reasoning seems have fallen on deaf ears, though. It has been said that “some people just want to watch the world burn” and I think Derek is living proof of that. His goal is not in support of consumer rights, but the destruction of a project that may succeed where he has failed in the past and present. I’m very much looking forward to your comments about this week’s events in the next episode of Guard Frequency.

  6. Phreedom Avatar

    We are giving Derren Smart exactly what he wants…attention. How about we just forget about him, stop referring to him, stop acknowledging he exists & move on. I’m strong enough to do that starting the second after I submit this comment…are the rest of you? A personality likes his runs on ego and attention grabbing fuel. Cut off the fuel supply and it can no longer operate. I like the letter by Tony but to Smart it’s just fuel.

    1. humanevil Avatar

      you need to tell that the so called gaming media then not rondom people

    2. trodorrr Avatar

      we need to get valvev to delte his utter shit game

    3. blackbow Avatar

      or you can take the tack that there is no such thing as bad PR. DS continuing to poke at CS and SC hasn’t really hurt CIG as near as I can tell. All it’s done so far is give CIG a ton of PR that they would have had to otherwise pay for themselves. Who knows? Maybe CS and DS set this up between them. Likely? No. Possible? Yes. Until DS actually succeeds in PROVING that CIG has engaged in actual negligent or criminal activity, all he’s doing is fueling CIG to fly further past any benchmark he ever set.

  7. Zed_Cassel Avatar

    For the sake of civil discourse, because I am very deep in the camp of those that feel the project is meeting or exceeding expectations to this point, what behaviors or business practices could one really claim have been a breach of good faith? I originally backed with high hopes, and have subsequently backed more and more, and to me, this is my choice, my own version of being a patron to the arts. Its because I value the culture that SC is creating within the pc gaming industry.

    Then again, I also support Bernie Sanders, so what do I know?

  8. Amontillado Avatar

    If he’s content to making niche game in his own small corner of the industry that’s great!

    He should go do that and stay in his corner.

  9. Kheld Avatar

    A mature, open letter and a response from a child.


  10. Darjanator Avatar

    Not only is it worded like a child’s response, his grammar is that of a preschooler as well. How is this person being taken seriously?

  11. Chief Avatar

    Derek Smart is just scared that Chris Roberts is going to succeed at making the game that Derek Smart has failed at developing for decades, effectively demonstrating that the reason for his failure was due to his own gross incompetence, rather than some inherent impossibility of the task.

    Imagine you spent your life climbing some mountain and kept sliding down. Year after year you kept trying, and failing.

    Then some other dude shows up one day and just walks up the hill, waving to you as he passes.

    That’s what’s happening to Derek Smart right now.

    1. Tytis Kraiger Avatar
      Tytis Kraiger

      I like this anology. In fact for all his efforts to make a like game as SC is turning out to be. The least he could have done was ask for help up that mountain. CIG makes note of other worthwile projects and I feel they would have been happy to have helped. But when that guy strugling to climb only wants to bring u down with him, u have to protect urself and ur interests. Smarts frustration at his own failings are blinding his ability to see what his actions are doing.

    2. John Horn Avatar
      John Horn

      I LOVE your mountain climbing analogy!

      Derek, who no longer has any legal standing in this so-called lawsuit since he was refunded, does not care about other gamers. It’s likely caused a crisis of ego, not being able to accomplish even a modicum of success with titles such as Line of Defense, Universal Combat, All Aspect Warfare, and various other flops. Count the “thumbs down” reviews on 3000AD’s steam page….

      Combine the long term emotional impact of this failure with then seeing someone with a track record of success come up with a gigantic project, doing very well in funding, and gathering the best and enthusiastic talent for that project… And dare I say, showing the progress (and the bugs, transparently in their monthly updates).

      Derek having failed consistently in his notoriously buggy and ill received games for so long… has likely aggrevated his ego by an anxiety stressor: someone else’s success. Sometimes, the most human way to react to this kind of anxiety, is to distance oneself from one’s original goal, and instead externalize your frustrations unto the exact cause / stressor of the anxiety.

      What we have here is someone who has found his Moby Dick – the nemesis white whale. Instead of the whale taking Ahab’s leg, it’s taken a bite of his ego in this case. And Captain Ahab (Derek Smart) is likely forgetting about what is good for his crew and ship, while going on his monomaniacal quest to take down the white whale.

  12. OuterRim Avatar

    If, or when, a formal crowd funded campaign is created to sponsor a legal team for CIG, to deal with DS, I would gladly donate some funds to it, to divert legal costs away from the budget CIG is using for R&D.

  13. Brian Avatar

    We could systematically change his wikipedia page to just have a See also: Troll

  14. George Avatar

    Where do I join for the counter suit. Also maybe send this email exchange to CIG in court they can use it to proof he is not open for a peaceful dialogue or exchange as he claims in his posts. His Fuck you reply shows that very much.

  15. John Avatar

    Please troll Derek Smrt with the following video where ever and whenever he posts anything.

    1. Justin Lowmaster Avatar

      He blocks anyone he doesn’t like, so he’d never see it. Plus, probably should be above that sort of thing, IMO {;0)

  16. Xenocore Avatar

    While i understand the reasons for this open letter, one of the major rules of the internet is, “DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!”

    Hopefully with this statement you are aware that all appeals to DS will not result in an epiphany for him.

    Leave the trolls under the bridge.

  17. Cory M Lovett Avatar
    Cory M Lovett

    Here’s a question for Tony ,
    if smart’s wins his law suit against Chris Roberts and CIG/RSI, Cam WE the Backers somehow Counter Sue him, for the loss of the game and his handling in every situation, where he felt the need to reply to SC Community when WE try to tell him to stop with his BS one example is his reply to you very nicely written letter and the other top this petition

    or is there any way at all or us as the Financial Supporters of this endeavor can legally make him cease and desist all Actions and slander against Chris Roberts, CIG/RSI and Star Citizen

    Please I hope there a way are justice system can Be of Some help to the ones you need the most this time

    1. Lennon Avatar

      Sorry about your comment not getting through originally — our website was being hammered! We’ve sorted it out now though 🙂

  18. Gryphon Osiris Avatar
    Gryphon Osiris

    If this jack ass wishes to go full tilt at the windmill I honestly think that a counter suit by actual backers is needed. People who have money invested, unlike this blow hard, are willing to wait for release, and so far have been impressed with what CIG has done. He is trying to derail the project because he can’t fathom a world where Chris Roberts, Cloud Imperium, or anyone else can make a better hard space sim than him. I promise you, even if SC was released in 2014 at even a fraction of what it was expected to be, he was going to kick, scream and ball about it either way.

  19. Ryan Malkin Avatar

    It’s abso-freaking-lutely AWESOME to see the Social module released on the deadline that Chris set at Gamescom. I was overjoyed to open the RSI site on the last day of August and see that the Social module had been rolled out to the public server and it makes me excited to think that Star Marine might meet it’s deadline too!

  20. Matilda Avatar

    So, he said that there will be a lawsuit now after receiving the answer from CIG. How long does such a suit take before it can be seen in the open.

    1. Justin Lowmaster Avatar

      Soon as it’s filed. As a practical matter it depends on the Clerk’s office … How fast they can scan it, if they allow public electronic access, etc. – Tony

      1. Matilda Avatar

        OK thank you tony. So let’s wait and see…

  21. Jason Avatar

    Please please get in contact with me or let me know if there’s going to be a counter suit against Dsmart, I’d happily pitch in, I want to see the look on his face after having his glass hovel of a platform collapse around him

  22. […] CIG’s Response In these letters it comes to light that DS1 never even downloaded Star Citizen among other things. […]

  23. jon Avatar

    If there is any grounds whatsoever that would allow us to file a lawsuit against Derek Smart I would gladly contribute.

    Win or lose, I think it is a fantastic idea.

  24. DERP Avatar

    He should rebrand his name to “Derek Sux”, I could care squat about Battleblaster 9000+ this clown is an embarrasement to commercial and indie scenes everywhere. Twenty something years down the hole and he can’t even sell a single fucking title even at FREE. Forget his game design skills, seems more like he lacks basic human skills. Maybe if DS spent less time sueing everyone he might have had some capital by now, but oh heck who am I to question Derek Smart Desktop Commander.

  25. John Horn Avatar
    John Horn

    Now that Star Citizen has gotten Alpha 2.0 out of the door, CIG can finally begin to ramp up the efficiency of the development pipeline. The early process of prototyping things for the first time ever always takes more time. Indeed, it probably takes like 10x more time, because they are learning how to do things for the very first time. Nobody else have done what they are doing.

    Because of the milestone they have reached, CIG can begin to implement methods to ramp up production speed by 2x at first, then 4x a few months later, and at the height of development efficiency their output will approach 10x of the pace observed hitherto. Pipeline and workflow optimizations, and better integrations, more frequent build outputs, and more testers. This is the future of Star Citizen’s development.

    Unfortunately for Derek, he is the epitomy of the Dunning-Kruger effect and has virtually no idea how bad he is at making games. According to the research of Dunning and Kruger, if you want to assess your own ability at something, you need to have sufficient skill in that very same field. That means, if you are mediocre at something, you have no idea how bad you are at it. This is why Derek thinks CIG will fail. He is continuing to suffer from externalizing his subconscious frustrations with himself upon his monomaniacal quest to take on “Big CIG” on behalf of the gamers he purportedly represents. Mix it in with a big bag of vendetta, and you have the stories of both Don Quixote and Moby Dick all in one. It’s even funnier because it’s an actual story on going every day. Every day he tweets his nonsense. I find it immensely funny. 🙂

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