Guard Frequency’s Official Response to the Brewing Controversy

Greetings, Cits and Civs, this is Tony, Executive Producer and Co-Host of Guard Frequency. The delayed release of Episode 79 has given some space for controversy to arise, thanks to a certain “internet troll” that has been a constant thorn in our side. Let me address some of the community’s [concern]s point blank.

“Episode 79 Is Indefinitely Delayed! = It Will Never Be Published!”

This is patently untrue. What IS true is that our artisanal publishing methods take time and attention. Our handcrafted, exquisitely produced podcasts give you an authentic, genuine podcasting experience that is so TOTALLY not mainstream. Our development model is groundbreaking and eccentric, but that’s what our backers signed up for – and we WILL deliver. Mark my words, in five years, everyone will be copying the Guard Frequency experience. Hell, we stole the format and process from Priority One – and then they stole our Prelude idea, so then we moved it into Nuggets for Nuggets and … what was my point? Oh, yeah, the show’s late because we’re dedicated to the craft. It’s an artisanal thing, you won’t understand until you try it.

“There Is Only One Host Doing Different Voices!”

Again, not true. We are three different people in three different places that meet online every Friday night to talk about Star Citizen, science/tech/defense news, and general geekiness. Now, I have never actually met my co-hosts in person, so I can’t vouch for the identities they present on-air. For example, Lennon may actually be a leggy, blonde 25 year old Swedish bikini model named… I don’t know, let’s say… Jürgen. Geoff may, in fact, be immortal. My point is, don’t accuse me of saying the ridiculous stuff they say every week. I kiss my mother with this mouth.

“[Redacted] Is The Best Host And Your Favorite Is Terrible!”

This is probably the most misleading and hurtful aspect of the entire controversy. Putting a show like ours together is a team effort. Virtually everyone behind the mic at Guard Frequency has at least one “slash” in their title. Chiv is the Guest Co-Host/Community Manager/Writer. Lennon is the Producer/Audio Engineer/Writer/Co-Host/Web Guru. Jayce is the Guest Co-Host/Co-Host of Priority One/Guest Writer. And I am the Executive Producer/Co-Host/Writer/Editor. Geoff is the Host. Seriously, he just shows up and talks. That’s his whole gig, no “slashes.” On the one hand, he’s a total slacker compared to the rest of us. On the other hand, he shows up every single week – which is more than you can say about the rest of us. So if you have to ask who is the best Host, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

Holy crap, maybe Geoff IS immortal.







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  1. Star Signal Avatar
    Star Signal

    “There Is Only One Host Doing Different Voices!” and that is where the uncontrollable laughter kicked in…

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