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Hello Citizens and Civilians, and welcome to our new blog version of Nuggets for Nuggets! As well as giving you new, exciting, bite-sized tidbits of information during the show, we thought we’d post them all here for your viewing pleasure!

MISC Freelancer

Freelancers are ships that are designed for the long-haul. Favoured by most major corporations for getting goods from A to B, this is the Semis or the “arctic lorry” of the Star Citizen universe. Their gigantic cargo bay also makes them ideal for outfitting as a dedicated exploration ship for those who like to Boldy Go Where No-one Has Gone Before

32m end-to-end and standing at 8m high (or 100ft long by 25 high), capabale of carrying 20t of cargo and a maximum crew of 2, this ship is great for solo or co-operative play; and with 10 upgrade slots, this ship can be as flexible as you need when you’re out in the deep black.

Fitted with 8x Xi Tech maneuvering thrusters, 2x TR5 Engines and a Beijing GH-146m sheild that has a max-sheild rating of 5, the Freelancer can take a few hits and is pretty nimble, but is definitely no tank or speed demon.

Now, let’s talk weapons: the freelancer is capable of being outfitted with 4x Class 2s, 2x Class 3s and 1x Class 4; or put another way up to 4 articulated guns, 2 missiles/ECM units/special scanners, and 1 turret. As standard, she comes loaded with 2x Behring Mk VI Laser Cannons, 2x Behring Executioner Twin (underwing), and 1x Behring M5A twin turret.

So, what’s in a name? Well a ‘nugget’, as well as being a small, bite-sized piece of information is also the name for a trainee pilot. Nuggets for Nuggets is a weekly section of the show where we delve into the mechanics of Star Citizen and give you the gory details from the inside out. As the game is still in active development, all the information given is subject to change but we will revisit sections in the future to bring you up to speed.







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