Nuggets for Nuggets | Wingman’s Hanger Glossary of Terms

With the end of Wingman’s Hanger and myriad new backers to Star Citizen, we though a good send off for the show would be a who is who and a what is what for the show. Something to help newer members of the community know what people might be referring to when they hear about things.

Objects of Interest

The Lamp

Lamp The Lamp appeared during a 24 hour livestream fundraising event. While the crew was out for a few hours, the lamp was placed on the stream with a note “Be right back”. While holding her own on the livestream, she raised 170000+ dollars.  Also during this time, the sleep-deprived fans made The Lamp a thing, and now it is a thing. There is also an Org named L.A.M.P. (Loosely Associated Mercs and Pirates) which is based upon The Lamp.

The Black Bar

blackbarWhile showcasing some of the motion capture equipment and how they were doing it, a female model was on screen, laden with dots and other MoCap markings, and she had a black censored bar across her torso. Whether or not it was required is up for speculation. (Update: On the final episode of Wingman’s Hanger, it was conformed as being required!) In later episodes of Wingman’s Hanger black bars were put over fan videos, an Wingman wore a cardboard black bar across his chest on at least one occasion.

Señor Microphono

SenormicThe silver microphone on Wingman’s desk became a character who spoke and hit on The Lamp on occasion. He tended to speak when no one was at the desk.


Fan Contributors

Sometimes fans would send in videos to ask questions. Many times it was only a question, but a few notables had ongoing characters and stories. This is not an exhaustive list by any means.


LoganteVideos from the mysterious Logante appeared. He wears a gas mask and seems to be trying to survive on a planet somewhere that is generally inhospitable. Frequently he is avoiding enemies, and sometimes sabotaging the ships and equipment of those who are out to get him.


maxresdefaultThis shady character is one of the people out to get Logante. Gruff and dangerous, Kinshadow is certainly someone you don’t want to meet in the deep black if he’s not on your side. At one point, Kinshadow and Logante tried to come to terms in person on Wingman’s Hanger, but it ended it fisticuffs and I don’t know that the animosity has ever ended.


Disco Lando

discoThis character is based on a popular character of a well known SciFi franchise. He’s quite well known among the ladies, but it’s up for debate if he gets around a lot, or just gets rejected a lot. If there ever was an NPC shortage, however, Disco Lando would be the first to volunteer to help rebuild the population.

The Colonial Movers

cmoversWhen you need to get items from point A to point B, these are your men to get the job done, if you like just job getting done with frequent dangerous encounters and comic relief. They once transported a package for Kinshadow that was unfortunately activated early before it was delivered to the intended recipient.

Other staples of the show

Wingman’s Nuts

This was Wingman’s original name for the show. It didn’t stick.

Wingman’s Nose Cam

nosecamA helmet with a light and camera attached. Wingman would wear it and walk around the office to show viewers what was going on. The first few flights were fraught with unsteady visuals, causing Cloverfield-style nausea and motion sickness. Later flights were calmer and smoother.


Wingman frequently tried to find all the incorrect ways to pronounce a name in Forum Feedback before finally getting an additional wrong way to say a name. He tended to ask in advance if there were any hard to say names at the start of Forum Feedback.

So, what’s in a name? Well a ‘nugget’, as well as being a small, bite-sized piece of information is also the name for a trainee pilot. Nuggets for Nuggets is a weekly section of the show where we delve into the mechanics of Star Citizen and give you the gory details from the inside out. As the game is still in active development, all the information given is subject to change but we will revisit sections in the future to bring you up to speed.







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