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Sadly, I must announce that my work on Under The Bonnet is coming to an end – at least for the time being. Hand-auditing all of the game data changes in the latest Star Citizen patches has always been a time-consuming affair, and it’s getting tougher and tougher to keep up with CIG’s aggressive patch schedule. My own lack of free time these days makes it even trickier finding a good window to do this kind of thing properly and give the time and attention to detail it deserves.

So for now, I’ll be stepping down. This is a difficult decision; running these articles has provided an incredible amount of insight into Star Citizen’s inner-workings while we see the game slowly etch it’s way into a playable state over a period of time. The game’s development is really starting to ramp up with the release of Arena Commander and other impending major milestones, making this an exciting time for those of us who love seeing what’s happening to the game under the hood. I have absolutely no doubt this is going to be an incredible game when it’s finished (I wouldn’t have thrown several hundred dollars at it otherwise), and I look forward to seeing what develops in the future.

For anybody who hasn’t already, I highly recommend subscribing to AnythingFPS’ Youtube channel – this guy is insanely good at taking the game’s assets (especially unused / upcoming content hidden away in the latest builds) and turning them into amazing artistic masterpieces – even superseding my own legendary content! If you’ve somehow missed his work, now is a great opportunity to get yourself up to speed.

I want to extend a special thanks to the Guard Frequency team for providing a home to these articles. You guys have been great, and I look forward to stalking you with my F7C-S in the Persistent Universe!

This is Parias from Under The Bonnet… signing off.







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  1. Saoldian Avatar

    I’m sorry to see you go on hiatus but I completely understand. Thanks for all the hard work keeping us appraised of all the changes. Your effort will be missed. See you in the verse!

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