Call us, maybe?

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Greetings Cits and Civs!

Tonight’s show is a call in show, so we thought it’d be a good idea to let you all know how to get in touch with us.

Now, normally we record the show at 11pm Central/05h00 GMT, but for the call in show we’ve brought this forward an hour to 10pm Central/04h00 GMT!

Great, so how do I join in?

We record our shows on TeamSpeak, so you’ll need to download TeamSpeak if you haven’t already done so. Next, make sure you have as little background noise as possible, and listener, please turn off the livestream whilst you call in. Now all you need to do is join the Priority One Network TeamSpeak channel at

Once you’re in, come and hang out in the Star Citizen chat room with our Community Manager, Chiv. He’ll be chatting to you all, making sure you all sound great, and giving us hosts the heads-up on who should be up next.

We’ll then drag you in to the Recording Studio rooms, we’ll have a good ol’ natter, and make some good radio.

Hope to see you tonight!

Special Report 001 – Super Moon 2015

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Greetings Cits and Civs, you’re listening to a Guard Frequency Special Report.  Normally we discuss this kind of spacey, sciency stuff in the Squawkbox, but by the time the show is released on Tuesday, you would have missed this incredibly rare confluence of celestial circumstances by about 36 hours.  Yes, we’re talking about the so-called “Supermoon Eclipse.”