Guard Frequency Episode 438 | Milking the Beaten Stone-dead Horse

Cits and Civs, Captains and Commanders, you’re tuned to episode 438 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space game podcast ever! This episode was recorded on Friday, March 31 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at

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This Week’s Schedule

  • Flight Deck
    • Elite: Dangerous
    • Star Citizen
    • X4: Foundations
    • Starfield
    • Star Trek Renaissance
    • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Feedback Loop

Links & The Like

Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous announced that the console transfer portal will come back online starting April 3 – the day before this show releases. And that’s about it, so we’re going to talk about another popular theory advanced by The Buur Pit about the “feature overhaul.” Remember base building from the email hack? Guard Frequency does. But Obsidian Ant agrees with us, so we have that going for us

Star Citizen

Star Citizen re-unleashed the highly anticipated Early Access Pre-Alpha Release Candidate Prototype Experimental Test Build 3.18.1 to the PTU. This came after they “locked” the patch and subjected it to QUOTE internal load testing using our updated toolset. END QUOTE. They ran the tests then “unlocked” the patch, added more logging, and sent it back out to the players. At the same time, they dropped Early Access Pre-Alpha Release Candidate Prototype SUPER DUPER Experimental Test Build 3.18.2 to the “E”PTU, which is not the same as the PTU. This patch contains a number of bug fixes, removes several exploits, and improves stability. It apparently does NOT include the changes in 3.18.1 which are supposed to help with database accessibility and entitlements. But to entice you into trying this harebrained scheme anyway, they’re bringing back Xenothreat and Jumptown over the weekend. And once again, somebody is posting on reddit that if you don’t test, it will be all your fault if 3.19 isn’t out in time for the Epic Month of May.

A Whole Lotta Extras

Break out your calendars, boys and girls, because we have a bunch of dates and date ranges for a bunch of games. Starting April 12, X4 will release its fourth major expansion, called Kindom’s End. It will feature the last missing major race from the old X series: the Borons. And even if you don’t buy the expansion, EgoSoft will release a major graphics update and Quality of Life improvements to current owners of the game. Then, sometime in may, the delayed release of Star Trek: Renaissance will finally stop being delayed. The choose-your-own-adventure style game features a vocal dead ringer for Leonard Nimoy and a Bridge Commander meets old LucasArts point-and-click classic gameplay loop. Then the Juggernaut Month of June features a Cyberpunk 2077 announcement of announcements and on June 11, we’ll get a better look at Starfield. That Starfield event will be held in conjunction with the XBox Games Showcase because “yay corporate synergy.”

Community Questions

  • Which version of the PTU are you more likely to try: the more accessible one with less content and more bugs or the less accessible one with more content and fewer bugs?
  • What’s more likely as a feature update in Elite Dangerous, a background sim powerplay squadron revamp or a resurrection of the base building mechanic from the hacked email?

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One response to “Guard Frequency Episode 438 | Milking the Beaten Stone-dead Horse”

  1. seannewboy Avatar

    I haven’t played the x games but i did play a game called Armada 2526, it had the same problem, by the time i had been close to winning, the game was sssslllllllllooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Great job everyone, thank you.

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