Guard Frequency Episode 478 | He’s A Special Boy

Cits and Civs, Captains and Commanders, you’re tuned to episode 478 of Guard Frequency — the best damn space game podcast ever! This episode was recorded on Friday, February 23 and released for streaming and download on Tuesday, February 27 at

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This Week’s Schedule

  • Flight Deck
    • Elite: Dangerous
    • Star Citizen
    • Helldivers 2
    • Void Crew
    • Starfield
    • The Game Formerly Known As Descent Underground
  • Guard Frequency Origins, where events and circumstances are things that will have occurrences
  • Feedback Loop

Links & The Like

Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous will release Update 18 on Monday, February 26, the day before you get this show. Gazing into our crystal ball, we predict everything will be “meh” and the community will discover everything by Wednesday. In other news the narrative is slowing down yet again due to the delays in patch releases. This time, the in-fiction Federation president-elect voluntarily delayed her inauguration AGAIN for totally realistic and non-eyeball-rolling reasons.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen released Early Access Pre-Alpha Release Candidate Prototype Experimental Test Build to the LIVE server, and everyone is so busy complaining about the new Idris boarding event that no one has time to post about whether or not their ships or gear was wiped. Also, the new boss of the Star Citizen game wants everyone to know that there are plenty of non-combat gameplay loops on the way, eventually. However, QUOTE This does not mean that criminality cannot happen END QUOTE. So, prepare for PVP combat, all you non-combat players. In the meantime, enjoy all the PVP gameplay.

All The Rest of the Things

Helldivers 2 released patches to deal with the crippling popularity issues it experienced last week. New updates are expected over the next month to address the excess weight of all the cash Sony is raking in from the game. Void Crew got a patch of its own, updating the missions, upgrading the gear, and improving quality of life. Starfield is creeping closer to release of its Creation Kit modding platform, and it may already be in the hands of a select group of testers. Finally, Little Orbit is getting ready to fulfill all of our spaceship fantasies by releasing Ships That Fight Underground! Only 6 years behind schedule.

Community Questions

  • Give us some more of your favorite 4-person co-op PVE games. Is this the new hotness for the mid-2020’s?
  • Is Star Citizen doubling down on PvP now that Todd Papy is gone? Or is this just the usual company line we’ve come to expect?

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